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There’s A Puppy Christmas Portrait Pop Up Today!

By Ellen Seah
12th Dec 2015


Here in Melbourne, we love a cute dog. Whether it’s our own or a pooch patiently waiting outside the grocery store, or your neighbour’s labradoodle that you 100% don't have covert operative plans to steal, we just can’t get enough of their little wet noses and their fluffy pointed ears.

If you’re lucky enough to have your own furball of joy and you’re looking for the perfect chrissy present for your best four-legged friend (because they deserve it), look no further. Puppy picture specialist Dog Photog is popping up in Melbourne for two days only – so you can get the perfect portrait of your favourite doggy pal this year!  

Dog Photog are bringing the cameras, Third Drawer Down are bringing the props, and Trophy Wife are bringing the nail polish (for reasons which have yet to be revealed but this is STILL SO EXCITING), so you’ll have everything you need for the pawfect puppy pic this December.

Dog Photog create custom, themed portraits to show off your favourite buddy’s personality, so if you’re keen to snag a pup-ED up photo (I’m sorry I’ll stop now) you can book online via their website or Facebook. We know you’re tail-flipping excited (I lied, I can’t stop now) so here’s Dog Photog’s Instagram to tide you over and get those creative ideas flowing.

Dog Photog will be popping up from today, for two days only! 12-13 of December at 635 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy North from 10am-4pm. 

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Photo credit: Dog Photog Facebook

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