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Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Melbourne’s Soon-To-Open Rooftop Pool Club

By James Shackell
28th Aug 2018

Flipping yes. We’ve been waiting for a proper Australian rooftop pool club ever since we watched SATC's Samantha con her way into Soho House in New York.

Well hold on to your one-pieces, guys. The crew behind St Jeromes (RIP) are converting the old rooftop space into something potentially even better: The Reunion Island Pool Club.

This is going to be Australia’s first EVER rooftop pool, bar and leisure venue, and it’s landing in October. Just in time for summer.

Jerome Borazio (AKA he of the many-fingers-in-many-pies) says Reunion Island is gonna be a sprawling under-sky sanctuary, filled with palm trees, plunge pools, recreation facilities and a bar.

“Melburnians are obsessed with being outdoors, we’re just happy to facilitate that,” Borazio said. “I like playing around with opposing ideas: A festival in a laneway. Camping in the city. An oasis on a rooftop.”

Borazio for Mayor anyone? Imagine what this guy could do with our taxpayer dollars...

“Essentially, Reunion Island is an evolved vision of St. Jerome’s, the hotel. It’s a modern-day pool club with all the nostalgic trimmings of a local public pool. We wanted to create space which evokes memories of childhood summer holidays.”

For us, that means sunburn, the smell of lemonade icy-poles and vinegar chips, and those annoying flecks of Buffalo grass that get on your towel and make your back itch.

Reunion Island isn’t just for swimmers though. Jerome’s keen to make it a general purpose, rooftop recreation space (in the same way Rooftop Bar isn’t just a summer cinema). The plan is to run morning rooftop yoga sessions, pilates, meditation, massage, pool parties, bar specials and all-day good times. The trade will run from a sprightly 7am, all the way to 11pm.

You can check out all the details here.

We’ll keep you updated on this one as more info comes in. In the meantime, put a big red circle around October in your calendar. And maybe start working on your Annabelle Bronstein impression...

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