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Block Out The Calendar, Sea Life Melbourne Is Live Streaming Their Sea Dragons This Friday

By Rick Stephens
27th Apr 2020

WIth streams happening so regularly, you’d think Sea Life Melbourne is slowly trying to take on the likes of Netflix and Stan. So far we’ve checked in with their resident penguins for International Penguin Day, and just recently we spent a Saturday morning floating about with their jellyfish colony. Next up? Sea dragons.

Block out some time in the calendar at 11am this Friday and join aquarist Katey for a 101 on the elusive, leafy fish, which is technically what they’re classified as along with their close relative, the sea horse.  

The fact that sea dragons a fish isn’t the only thing you’ll take away from this underwater masterclass, though. Did you know that the sea dragon is endemic to Australian waters? Or that the male carries the eggs on a small spongy patch toward the base of its tail before giving birth?

There’s plenty more to take in, but we’ll leave the rest up to the professionals on Friday morning over on the Sea Life Melbourne Facebook Page. For any bedroom marine-biologists out there, the legends up at Sea Life Sydney are hosting their own sessions kicking off 11:30am on Thursday, with their most dangerous creatures of the deep taking to the screen. Expect moray eels, freshwater crocs, lionfish and porcupinefish—no touching.

Once you’re done there, check out Zoo’s Victoria live streams.

Image credit: Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium

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