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By Pip Jarvis
16th Dec 2013

Shaun Presland, Executive Chef at Saké Restaurant & Bar

Christmas Day in Australia generally hits above 30 degrees so seafood is ideal. I love serving the kingfish sashimi because it's light and summery, all the ingredients are readily available and in season!

It's a great dish that can be prepped in advance too.  
The fresh sashimi is lifted to another level with beautiful summer fruits adding texture and bursts of flavour, which really complement firm flesh fish and yuzu lemon soy.  Choose a platter that fits in the fridge and plate up 2-3 hours in advance, finishing when at the table with dressing and micro herbs.
Foil baked salmon and mushrooms has the addition of tofu in the stuffing which lightens the whole dish (leaving space for dessert!). This too is perfect for entertaining and can be made up to 4 hours in advance and simply flashed through a hot oven to serve.

Enjoy! From Shaun and the team at Saké!


Course – Entrée
Serves – 6


600g kingfish fillet, skin off
90 ml yuzu lemon soy dressing
2 whole nashi pears
2 whole oranges cut into segments
1/2 telegraph cucumber
1 punnet baby coriander
1 clove garlic grated
10g toasted white sesame seeds
50ml macadamia nut oil

Yuzu lemon soy dressing

Combine equal parts yuzu juice, lemon juice and dark soy (30 ml of each).


Peel and cut nashi pear into match stick lengths, segment orange into pieces and make cucumber ribbons with a vegetable peeler (don't include the seedy core).
Slice kingfish fillet on the bias into 20g pieces (near enough, but ensure they are bite sized).
Arrange 30 slices on a big share plate, smear a tiny bit of grated garlic on each sashimi piece and garnish with pear sticks, orange segments, cucumber ribbons and baby coriander.

Shake the dressing over the fish and drizzle with oil.


Course – main
Serves – 6
Pre-preparation – 1 hour: soaking, salting & pressing


1 x 1kg salmon fillet - scaled, skin on
600g tofu mushroom stuffing (see below)
75ml vegetable oil
200g shimeji mushrooms
60g butter
50ml dark soy
6 slices lemon - rind removed

Tofu mushroom stuffing

9 dried cloud ear mushroom
9 dried shiitake mushrooms
90g snow peas (about 20 pieces)
240g silken tofu (pressed to release water)
3 tablespoons mirin
3 teaspoons light soy sauce
¾ teaspoon salt


Press tofu between two large plates to release moisture (about 1 hour).
Sprinkle salmon with salt and let stand for an hour. Soak mushrooms in water for 1 hour to rehydrate.
String snow peas and cut into long strips, blanch briefly in salted water – refresh in cold water then drain.

Clean and separate shimeji mushrooms, divide into 6 equal portions.
Slice the rehydrated mushrooms into thin slices, squeeze out excess moisture.
Crumble tofu in a saucepan and mix in mushrooms, stirring all the time. Add mirin, soy and snow pea strips. Taste, add salt – adjust seasoning if you want to.

Remove from heat and turn out to cool. Preheat oven to 180C.
Wash the salt from the salmon, remove any small bones with tweezers and wipe the fillet dry. Place skin side down on a cutting board and mark the fillet crosswise into 6 equal pieces (approximately 160g – 170g each).

Before cutting off the first piece, make a parallel cut almost down to the skin midway between the edge and the first mark. Cut the first piece off at the mark and spread open. Repeat making 5 more pieces.

Prepare 6 pieces of aluminum foil 30cm square, brush the centre of each with a thin coating of vegetable oil. Make a mound of stuffing in the centre of each piece of foil. Wrap the salmon pieces, skin side up, around the stuffing, nestle in a portion of the shimeji mushroom –drizzle with dark soy and add a knob of butter. Lay one slice of lemon on top of the fish and wrap the foil up around fish and mushrooms to make neat packages.

Bake in a 180C oven for 10 minutes

Arrange foil packages on a serving dish, allowing guests to open their own when ready to eat.

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All Image Credits: Nicola Sevitt, The Urban List

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