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Signed & Numbered | The Verdict

By Emma Forster
3rd Oct 2013

Signed & Numbered is a truly delightful space. Tucked between an optometrist and a quirky gift store, this gem of a place on Greville Street in Prahran, cannot be passed by without something in the window catching your eye.

This charming space has adopted a clean aesthetic, allowing the vibrant yet unpretentious assortment of visual stimuli to speak for themselves as you walk through the door. Carefully curated by the just as vibrant Jacqui Vidal, the aspirational woman behind the concept, S&N offers independent artists a space to imprint and share their mark. 

There is a huge assortment of art to be admired and explored, in the form of 'multiple originals' such as prints, etchings, giclee and goccos (which may require a YouTube video explanation) among many other hand-embellished prints for sale. Among Jacqui's current personal faves are Kaff-Eine, Will Coles, and Slicer – a selection of underground local and international artists waiting to be discovered.

The S&N premise? To create a space that feels like a record store, but is in reality a limited edition art gallery, accessible to everyone from opulent connoisseurs to impoverished Uni students (with a tidy price range between $30 – $400). Jacqui illustrated the original concept to a number of different artists (literally) over a year ago and in doing so, gathered a fine collection of local and international followers in her wake including some of Australia's finest – Kareena, Miso and TWOONE.

After scavenging flea markets in Europe, Jacqui hit the ground running on her return to Melbourne and began setting up her own business. "I had come across a gallery in Europe that sold original works by various artists, wrapped in cello and stacked one behind another on the counter. A seed was planted in my head, and over the following year I refined my vision for Signed & Numbered. When I got home I decided it was time to just give it a go." And what better place to set up than the arty, edgy and eclectic Greville Street precinct? 

The store originally opened on Izett Street, just around the corner, but Jacqui packed up and relocated to a larger space on Greville Street where she could use the intimate back area for exhibitions and small events, often collaborating with Just Another Agency, a company dedicated to supporting some of the industries best creative talent.

This extended space has allowed Jacqui to experience some amazing one-month shows from the likes of Bec Winnel, Alex Lahours, Kaff-Eine and Taylor White, as well as two group shows in the past year and a number of private events like the recent one night only Red Bull Collective Art event.

S&N provides a platform for over 40 Australian and international artists to get their work out there and Jacqui's limited edition print selection is always changing. Once an edition sells out, a new print arrives to take its place. The artist roster is currently 70% Australian and 30% international with Jacqui focusing on incorporating more street artists and graffiti style works into the line-up over the coming year.

Jacqui has mastered the look and feel of a casual and unpretentious space where anyone can feel comfortable shopping for art. "We really like to provide as much information on our artists as possible. Knowing how an artist works, how they're influenced or the meaning behind a certain print, is all part of our job. Every print we sell is packaged with information about the artist. On top of all that we also have a custom art service."

Little over two weeks ago, Jacqui opened the doors of a second Signed & Numbered store on Degraves Street in the heart of the CBD. Featuring a Ghostpatrol mural on the front window, the city counterpart was designed and built by local craftsman Mark Miller with an eco-friendly approach in mind. 

Spend an afternoon 'print digging' at S&N because you may just stumble across the last vestige of a Miso or Vexta. The city store is open seven days a week (Greville is closed on Mondays), but the online store never sleeps.

Signed & Numbered

153 Greville Street in Prahran | 03 9077 6468

7A Degraves Street in Melbourne | 03 9939 9974

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Image Credit: Signed & Numbered.

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