Keep Track Of Which Beers You’ve Mastered Thanks To This Sip And Scratch Craft Beer Map

By Ben Tyers
16th Dec 2017


As you’re downing a hard-earned beer this summer, we’ve no doubt you’re probably thinking about how many different craft beers you’ve actually managed to attack over your drinking journey.

Well, now there’s an ap….poster for that!

Introducing: Sip And Scratch, Australia’s first interactive craft beer map.

The concept is a fairly simple one, the map shows a range of great craft breweries from around the country, with each having a gold dot next to their name. Once you’ve had your latest offering from your favourite brewer simply scratch the got dot as a record of your dominant beer drinking.

The Sip And Scratch map is the perfect last-minute gift for your favourite beer drinker, and the team will ship you the map for free within Australia.

Find out more about Sip And Scratch on their website.

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