Spring Clean Your Diet | The 3 Things You Need To Do

By Iro Kotsimbos
16th Sep 2014

If the saying 'you are what you eat' is true, then I am surely a combination of meaty stews, big bowls of pasta, and apple crumble, which I put down to that dreaded 'W' word – winter.

Yep, winter and comfort eating go hand in hand but now that the chilly season is over, it's the perfect time to spring clean your diet and start incorporating a few healthy eating tips into your day-to-day lives. 

A little note: when we use the word diet, we are definitely not referring to any sort of crazy 'you can't eat this, you can't eat that, and you can only do this between 8:16am and 9:42am each day' type of eating plan. Oh heck no. It's all about eating fresh, whole foods as often as you can and keeping active – you know, that thing people sometimes refer to as leading a balanced lifestyle? That's what we're talking about.

So Urban Listers, shake off the last bits of winter and get ready to spring clean your diet for the season ahead!


After a winter's worth of heavy and super rich foods, you're probably feeling a tad lethargic…am I right? One of the best ways to combat this feeling, detox the body, and give your insides a good clean out is with a cold pressed juice cleanse. Why cold pressed? Well, during this process the fruits and veggies are literally pressed, rather than ripped apart and broken down in a traditional centrifugal juicer, meaning they contain far more nutritional benefits than regular juices. Win!

Juices can often be high in fructose so keeping this in mind, the team at Karmic Cold Pressed Juice created a range of cleanses that have less than 5% fructose each. They haven't skimped on taste though – their Red Raw and Leafy Green juices are nutritious AND delicious. To help you spring clean your diet this season, the Karmic Krew are offering TUL readers 10% off all cleanses until 30th September 2014. Simply enter the discount code URBAN at the checkout and they'll get you sorted!


Thinking about skipping breakfast? Think again! Not only does eating breakfast give you energy to start the day, it also kick-starts your metabolism, improves your concentration throughout the day and helps with endurance during physical activity. No wonder people refer to breakfast as the most important meal of the day!

It's important to eat a healthy breakfast though (yep, put dowwwn the sugary cereal) so if you want to spring clean your diet, your morning meal is a great place to start. Are you a savoury fan? An omelette, or scrambled tofu if eggs aren't your thing, with veggies is a terrific healthy option. Can't get rid of your sweet tooth? Try some muesli or granola with berries and yogurt.

Alas, there are still those who are low on time (or, like me, are shocking cooks) so if that's you, Green Press needs to be on your list of must-try cafes in Melbourne. Based on Little Collins Street, Green Press is heaven for the health-conscious – they're famous for their cold pressed juices and raw desserts but we think it's their breakfast menu that's out of this world delicious! Choose from either the Breakfast Burrito, Chia Parfait, or an acai bowl (we like the Peanut Butter Protein variety) and know that you're doing your body a whole lotta good!  


If we could pick something to eat for lunch every day it would be salad – yes, salad. What was once considered to be a relatively boring, kinda sad midday meal is actually a world of possibility in our eyes. Seriously, consider the options! Leafy greens, crispy veggies, delicious protein…the list goes on! Not only is salad damn delicious, it's healthy too and exactly the type of thing you should be embracing for lunch this spring. 

If you're too busy though to prepare your lunch in the mornings, Crisp Creative Salad have got you covered. The CBD based business (they have two locations – one on Southern Cross Lane and another on Goldsbrough Lane) has a focus on made-to-order salads that are healthy, tasty and incredibly well-priced – think $10 to $12 – making it easier than ever to make friends with salad. 

Crisp have also just released two new salad options for spring – Kale Cleanse and Pulled Pork Tortilla – which you could be eating for an entire month should you win the $150 Crisp voucher we're giving away!

Image Credit: The First Mess

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