Dudes, It’s Time To Up Your Spring Style Game

By Clare Acheson
13th Oct 2015

Men's Fashion Brisbane

Springtime means a hell of a lot of changes: Changes in wardrobe (no more thermals under your jeans, lads), changes in style (winter neck-beard, be gone!) and changes in social calendar (can I get another beer garden sesh, my brothers?). To help Melbourne’s most stylish dudes find the best places to pick up some new garms and grooming tips, we’ve rounded up Melbourne’s best men’s shops and services. Because NOTHING impresses like a man who’s fresh-dressed and ready to step into spring.

#1: Get Groomed | Men + Co, Melbourne CBD

The Men + Co men’s grooming salons are perhaps Melbourne’s best-kept men’s style secret. Tucked inside The Kelvin Club and Ms Collins, the duo combine old-school service with new-school style—it’s the ideal place to book in (or walk in…) for a trim or restyle and a shave that’s served up with a shoeshine, a scotch and a game of pool while you wait. Boasting some of the best men’s hairstylists in the city, Men + Co is our no.1 pick of the barbers in Melbourne for that little bit extra. They know the devil’s in the details, and so should you.

#2: Find The Perfect Suit Fit | Gentfactory, Cremorne

You know what they say: If the suit fits, wear it… But if it doesn’t fit, you’re better turning up in trackies that are the right size than slacks and a blazer that don’t do you justice. Gentfactory in Cremorne is our latest men’s style must-visit. With a custom tailoring service that will have you suited and booted in a made-to-measure suit in only a handful of fittings with extremely speedy turn-around times, its suits will be the best investment you make all season. Go for a classic cut in a colour that complements your hair and eyes—if you’re on the paler side of the spectrum, choose something in a rich blue or navy, and if you’ve got darker features, try something in a lighter grey or brown. Trust us, it works.

#3: Sharpen Up Your Shoe Game | Wootten, Prahran

Wootten in Prahran has fast become a favourite for incredible handmade shoes that are crafted within the three thousands. Made in the uber-chic south-side shoe-maker’s studio, the Balmoral Oxfords are something that every man should own, and the Double Monks really make the right sort of statement if you’re looking to up your shoe game. Better yet, you can custom order everything from the colour, to the sole stitch length, to the tread. Pay the Wootten team a visit and invest in something that’s unique but still classic.

#4: The Wrong Hat = Fatal. The Right Hat = Godly | Smart Alec, Fitzroy

Okay, if you’re reading this and thinking your 7 ½ year old fedora is still cutting the mustard, it’s not. Smart Alec on Fitzroy’s Gertrude Street keeps an incredible range of hats—from vintage imports to new styles—and offers a level of custom fitting and personalisation that you don’t get from mainstream retailers, which makes it one of our favourite men’s fashion shops in Melbourne. If you’re in need of some new spring headwear, remember, classic is the way forward. Bucket hats are fine for the beach, but if you’re headed to the races this spring, pick up a Panama (and ditch the feather).

#5: Always Have A Ride Ready | Uber, Everywhere

Having a ride ready, no matter where your next stop is going to be, is one of today’s most essential men’s style accessories. While you might not want to take an Uber Black everywhere, make sure you know when to leave the car/bike/myki pass at home and jump in everyone’s favourite taxi-but-not-a-taxi service. If the surge fees are insane, be the one to make the call on whether you’re ordering another drink and holding out, or biting the bullet and booking anyway. Indecision looks crap on everyone.

#6: Know The Late-Late Night Bartenders | Various Bars

One of the stylish moves you’ll make this spring is being the one to know where the nearest late-late bar is. Take the time to search for a couple in our directory before setting off for a night out, and make sure you know of one that’s within walking distance, just in case getting an Uber is a nightmare. Our top tip? Ask the bartender for his name when you order your first round, and remember it for the rest of the night. Guaranteed service, every time.

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(Editor’s note: Men of Melbourne, I know what you’re thinking—Who the hell is this chick telling you where to find your seasonal man-spiration? Unbeknownst to most, this lady writer is a men’s fashion and culture vulture, has written about dudes’ style around the world, and can tell her double woods from her double monks. Still don’t trust her judgement? Drop her a line here.)

Image credit: Amsterdam FTV

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