11 Things You Don’t Know About Melbourne’s Rooftop Camping Hotel

By Clare Acheson
20th Aug 2015

If you’ve been paying attention, Listers, you’ll know that one of our biggest stories of the year so far has been the announcement of St. Jerome’s – The Hotel, the very first camping hotel in Melbourne. Not only is the luxury hotel Melbourne’s very first tent-based pop-up, it’s also situated on the roof of CBD shopping precinct Melbourne Central, making it the only location of its kind in the city. We tried it out ourselves and seriously, this place is next-level.

We also discovered a tonne of surprises while we were there too. Want to know what really makes your stay at St. Jerome’s – The Hotel worth it? Read on for a whirlwind list about the epic Melbourne luxury hotel that’s on everyone’s lips.

#1: It’s run by the same Jerome who runs 1000£ Bend, the Church of Bang Bang Boogaloo, Slice Girls and co-founded St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival 

So, the name ‘Jerome’ rings a bell. The St. Jerome that the amazing Melbourne rooftop hotel is named after is Jerome Borazio, founder of St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival, as well as heaps of incredible Melbourne bars including riverside bar Ponyfish Island and Melbourne’s Vegas-style chapel, The Church of Bang Bang Boogaloo. If you’re looking for Melbourne’s coolest parties, Jerome is the guy to ask. 

#2: Cocktail Hour & High Tea comes as standard

Yup, there’s an on-site cocktail cart that welcomes guests with a delicious drink to sip on during Cocktail Hour (we can definitely vouch for the espresso martinis here!), and every afternoon from 3pm there’s an incredible high tea served on the rooftop. Cupcakes and macaroons…What else do you really need in life?!

#3: The tents are the most luxurious tents we’ve ever seen. Ever.

If you think that St. Jerome’s – The Hotel is going to be something like your family camping holidays of yore (the ones where you had to sleep on a bed of rocks in a drafty tent, and spent most of the time bickering with your siblings), you couldn’t be further from the truth. The rooftop camping hotel is glamping to the max: Expect heated tents, electric blankets and super-plush robes from Linen House to keep you toasty while you camp out in style.

That goes for the bathrooms too. The tents are accompanied by a fleet of heated ensuites, complete with beautiful bath and hair products, towels, hair-drying facilities and even TOM Organic bits and bobs for the ladies. Campsite hair, be gone!

#4: Gelato Messina has made the hotel an AMAZING exclusive ice cream

The geniuses at Gelato Messina have made an exclusive gelato dish for St. Jerome’s – The Hotel. The dessert-style spaghetti and meatballs, which is actually peach, chocolate and raspberry gelato, comes served in an edible silver-coloured chocolate tin and its very own Messina box. If you’re looking for a once-in-a-lifetime dessert dish, this is it, folks.

#5: They serve the best beer in the world (!!!)

When you get to your tent, look for the Esky! It’ll be packed full of delicious beers from East Brunswick favourites Temple Brewing Co., including their Anytime IPA which recently won the award for Best International Pale Ale. Staying in a world class hotel, sipping on a world class beer? Hell freakin’ yes.

#6: You can check out awesome street art without having to leave the rooftop

Collingwood-based art gallery Backwoods Gallery runs a gallery space that’s part of the hotel itself, which means you can catch pop-up exhibitions from world-renowned street artists without leaving the rooftop. Only in Melbourne.

#7: Breakfast and sliders are delivered to your tent door for free!

Healthy breakfast hampers and mouth-watering Grill’d sliders and fries come as part of the St. Jerome’s package, making the room service at the luxury hotel some of the best we’ve stumbled upon.

#8: Feeling zen? There’s a meditation tent on site.

While most of the rooftop tents at the Melbourne boutique hotel are private, hired out to couples or small families for their stay, there is a meditation tent that is the perfect space for finding your inner chill in the inner city. Pull up a cushion, cross your legs and let that day’s worries slip away with the hum of the city as your backdrop.

#9: You can watch movies in bed, all day, every day.

Sometimes nothing beats slumming it in your trackies and cozying up in a doona, watching Orange Is The New Black/Love Actually/the entire Fast & Furious film series. In your tent, you’ll find your very own Samsung tablet, which comes locked and loaded with access to Stan for the duration of your stay.

#10: Feel like a bike ride? Just pick up one of the Pushies For Purpose!

We couldn’t think of a better way to explore Melbourne than on a bicycle. Bikes are available for hire from St. Jerome’s – The Hotel, with all proceeds going toward YGAP, a local Melbourne charity that supports igniting social change in disadvantaged communities through empowering the youth. (Learn more about YGAP’s story and vision right here.) Cruising around the city AND giving to charity? Jerome, you’ve just ticked all of our boxes.

#11: The sunrise is epic.

You seriously have not experienced anything like the sun rising over Melbourne’s skyline from the rooftop of the Melbourne Central precinct. Whether you’re a local looking for an overnight treat, or an out-of-towner in search of an experience that’s uniquely Melbourne, pack your camera because this is one sight you’ll want to capture.

Keen to try out St. Jerome’s – The Hotel for yourself? Check out availability and book in your stay here.

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Image credit: Michelle Jarni for The Urban List

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