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Meet Melbourne’s New Super Cute Doggy Sleepover School

By Gen Phelan
14th Mar 2018

You’re heading off for another gruelling nine-to-fiver and it’s NOT EVEN HUMP DAY YET. Clambering for some keys, you say goodbye to your SP (significant pooch). The ensuing puppy-dog-eyes and head tilt combo is just about enough to melt your heart. Cue the guilt pangs and questioning of your parental prowess. You should probably just chuck a sicky.

Wait. What if we told you that there are two sensational ladies here to adore your best friend when adulting gets in the way? Meet Fiona and Sarah of St. Roch. Named after the patron saint of pooches, this all-encompassing dog-minding and pampering biz is here to end your woes.

These guys are based in St. Kilda, spanning their services from Port Melb to Brighton and the inner ‘burbs between. They’ve conjured a new breed of doggy daycare that offers up accommodation, park dates and even Uber-ing services for your furry friend. We’re kind of envious of this job, TBH. *Slides resume under door*. 

Devoted to their own rescued greyhounds, St.Roch are well-versed in the art of fetch, and are aficionados of the walkies. Basically, whatever the occasion that has you severed from your fluff-ball, this duo is here to help. It's all about personalised, luxe and trustworthy doggy care, stemming from a major passion for our favourite species.

“We wanted this to be a one-stop service. Everything is also Melbourne and Australian-made,” says co-owner/veritable dog whisperer Fiona.

It only gets more DOGUE. St Roch. also have a shop of curated dog treats, bandanas, bow ties and more awww-inducing stuff from local makers to pimp your pup out with. It’s what all the good boys are getting around.

If your sausage dog, Frank, gets to have a sleepover at St.Roch, he’ll be slumbering with an intimate group of other pups and having endless fun frolicking in the expansive outdoor area. The team have even set up the ultimate doggy sleepover pad, complete with toy boxes, tiny beds and pillow fights (we're just guessing on that last one). Ooooodles of poodles have already made it safely to their vet appointments, gone for salty beach-side strolls and stayed at home-away-from-home with the St.Roch crew.

You’re barking up the right tree with this one.

If you want to learn more about St.Roch, check out their uber-cool website here.

Image credit: Annika Kafcaloudis 

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