13 Summer Fitness Classes That Will Help You Work Off That Christmas Belly

By Ellen Seah
2nd Jan 2019


Summer: the three months of the year we get as a reward for sticking through arctic rain, Game of Thrones-esque winter and snot season. If you’ve spent the last six months hitting the snooze button and ordering UberEats to the front door, here are the latest summer fitness classes to try while the days are long.

NGV x Lululemon

To celebrate their 20th birthday, your favourite yogis at Lululemon have partnered with the NGV to throw down 20 weeks of yoga, meditation and circuit classes. Hosted at the gallery’s Grollo Equiset Garden, all classes are free and cater to all levels of fitness. Mats are provided, but you’ll need to book online (quickly) to secure a zero dollar spot []. Don’t forgot to check out the Escher x Nendo exhibition afterwards, probably for the third time.

Orangetheory Fitness

It’s all theory behind US-born Orangetheory Fitness. Using heart-rate monitors, every participant’s work rate and intensity is displayed on a screen during the class. It makes you terrifyingly accountable for your workout, and your trainer terrifyingly unsympathetic to your hangovers. The aim is work within certain zones, specifically orange, for at least 12 minutes of each class, which the company claims will keep you burning calories for up to 36 hours. 

Urban Climb Climbing 101 Course

Victoria’s largest bouldering space offers Climbing 101 courses every month (excluding December and January). Running over the first three Thursdays of every month, everyone from intermediate climbers to those who’ve never scaled more than a stepladder are welcome. You can inquire via the website, or call Urban Climb.  

Leo Berry’s Boxing Gym

If you walk into Leo Berry’s expecting to spend some amount of time on the floor, contemplating your choices leading up to this moment, you’re more prepared than most. After 70 years as a community boxing gym, the trainers know exactly how to keep circuit sessions brutal, challenging and addictively rewarding. Circuits are a tenner (cash only, drop it in the bucket at the desk), and run 6.30pm Mondays and Wednesdays and 8am on Saturdays.

Crosbie Crew

Think of running as efficient tanning time in summer. If you need a little push getting up to pace, and imagining being chased by zombies isn’t helping, the Crosbie Crew can fill in the gap. The crew meet at The Tan six days a week, and sessions vary to improve running technique, speed or endurance. Check out the website for more information [].

Core Strength Fitness Squat Challenge

A boutique Richmond weightlifting gym, Core Strength Fitness has earned itself a dedicated community through decades of experience, passionate trainers and an unwavering focus on technique. The gym is running a 6-week squat challenge kicking off on Tuesday 5 February. It’s going to be peachy. Contact CSF directly for more information.

Art Of Cycling

When the sun is burning a little too strong this summer, head into Yarraville’s Art of Cycling. Four classes are designed to improve your road or mountain bike fitness, from climbing-focused rides to speed and power sessions.

F*k It

A high-intensity fitness club that’s part nightclub, part workout—F*k It is part of a new age of gyms. Classes combine boxing, strength, intervals and circuit training for a session that’s geared towards fun and lifestyle. 


Ground-based and aerial adult classes kick off at the end of January at Nica. A variety of weekly sessions include static trapeze for beginners, aerial composition, tumbling and hand balancing & conditioning.

Go Ride A Wave

Ocean Grove’s Main Beach has ideal learning conditions for beginner surfers. An hour and a half out of Melbourne, book in with Go Ride A Wave for a private or group lesson. It’s not technically a fitness class, but being dunked a few hundred times will do wonders for your abs.

Dog Walking Adventures

Hosted once a month starting at the MPavilion, Tom + Captain will lead four-legged friends through city laneways, arcades and hidden streets. Pooches, BYO human and lead.

Get A PT

For those that need an extra dose of well-intended pressure, check out our list of the best personal trainers in Melbourne.

Keep An Eye Out For: Barry’s Bootcamp

The cult American fitness movement is coming to Australia, with a Melbourne studio tipped to open early in the new year. The 55-minute workout consists of high-intensity interval training with a combination of treadmill and floor exercises.

Looking for something to do in Melbourne this week? Check out our Things To Do section.

Image credit: Lululemon

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