This Is Not A Drill, Taco Bell Will Open In Melbourne This Summer

By Ioana Dragnef
5th Sep 2019

Taco Bell

The ringing of trams won’t be the only Bells ringing this summer as we just got wind that the world’s largest Mexican-inspired mega-chain is finally landing in Melbourne.

That’s right: Taco Bell is coming to Melbourne and I already want to stop writing this article so I can stake out the location until it opens. Unfortunately, the specific location has yet to be revealed but it’s slated to hit the city’s inner east; so keep your eyes and ears open (and someone send me some camping gear). 

Whatever the location though, Melbournians will finally be able to taste the wonders of Taco Bell’s best hits like the Crunchwrap Supreme™, the Cheesy Gordita Crunch™ among other fresh, Aussie-tailored items. And to that we say: it was about freaking time.

Not only is the location TBD but the dates are also iffy; the announcement just mentions ‘summer’ but you can keep up with the updates via Taco Bell Australia’s Facebook and Insta pages.

The Details

What: Taco Bell Melbourne
When: Summer 2019
Where: Somewhere in Melbourne’s inner east
For more info, click

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Image credit: Taco Bell

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