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5 Tech Trends To Get Behind In 2020

By Sophie Oddo
1st Oct 2019

The new decade is fast approaching, and while we don’t have flying cars (yet), there’s a whole heap of new tech trends to jump on in the coming year.

Here, thanks to JB Hi-Fi, we’ve mustered up the best of the best to help you navigate the wild world of tech in 2020.

5G Is Coming In Strong

With traces of 5G starting to roll out across various cities and products, it’s no surprise we’re gearing up for a year all about 5G in 2020. We’ve heard the claims: it’s five times faster than 4G and can download or stream movies in a matter of seconds—and our Netflix accounts are so ready for it. Aussie telcos are gearing up to get their 5G networks switched on in the coming months, but that means you’ll need a 5G-compatible phone to get in on the action. Samsung, typically ahead of the curve, is already sporting a luxurious Galaxy S10 5G complete with a triple rear camera. But if you’re an Apple fan, practise some patience as their 5G model is rumoured to be hitting shelves in late 2020.  

Hybrid Laptops Will Become Your Go-To 

Gone are the days of needing a separate tablet and laptop. As we become busier than ever, flexible devices are needed to suit an increasingly on-the-go lifestyle. Hustlers, entrepreneurs and boss people, meet the 2-in-1 laptop. Combining the accessibility and design of a tablet with the function and power of a laptop, it will seamlessly take you from meeting-prep in the Uber to sketching ideas in the park. Our top pick for a premium option easily goes to the Microsoft Surface Pro 7. The latest in Microsoft’s line-up of 2-in-1 tech boasts a sleek design, advanced pen and convenient keyboard, as well as all the internal bells and whistles, and it’s certainly on our 2020 wishlist. 

Social Media (As We Know It) Is On The Slide 

2019 saw the rise (and fall) of the VSCO girl, Instagram removing likes and Tik Tok going mainstream. So, what’s in store for 2020 you may ask? Well, unsurprisingly, we’re still going to be all over video. From Stories to YouTube, video isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. By 2022 it’s predicted that 82 per cent of all online content will be video, so it’s definitely time to get around 5G stat because, let’s be real, you just can’t be streaming Shane Dawson’s next scandalous new series on 4G. 

Hacking Your Health With Data

While we’re all curious about tracking our steps or sleep every so often, 2020 will build on the momentum of tech, data and wellbeing to help you ‘hack your health’—or in other words, keep it in check. Instagram and iPhone both recently introduced features for tracking screen time to try and reduce our digital addiction, while connected wearable devices are giving us more insight than ever before into our physical habits and biological states. Access to this type of personal data will give us more freedom than ever before to take our health and wellbeing into our own hands and help us consciously make small improvements to reach our goals. Let’s just say, prepare to slay your New Year’s health resolution. 

Go Hands-Free With The Next Gen Of Wearable Tech 

We’ve come a long, long way since Google Glass burst into the world in 2013. Fast forward five or so years, and wearable tech is a bit more stylish and covetable. Bose's latest wearable tech is a hybrid of headphones and sunglasses which results in a revolutionary open-ear audio experience that leaves you free to engage with the world around you. It’s fashion meets function at it’s best, and we’re hyped for what's to come in 2020. 

Whatever electronics you’re in the market for this year, you’ll be sure to satisfy all your tech needs at JB Hi-Fi.

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