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The 7 Best Pre-Party Beauty Tips You Need Right Now

By Ellen Seah
10th Dec 2015

Christmas and New Years is just around the corner - and as usual, they’re bringing a flood of festive party invites to seriously block up your calendar. In preparation for the party-filled weeks ahead, here are the best seven pre-party beauty tips you absolutely cannot do without this summer! 

For your face – invigorating skin needling

DO: Try skin needling this summer! Your face will be eternally grateful for the extra hydration after all those sleepless nights (you party animal, you). By stimulating the skin to produce naturally stunning results, skin needling is one of the best ways to reduce acne scarring, visible pores, and fine lines so you can look your best, naturally! Using the latest and greatest in skincare technology, skin needling is the beauty trend you will need to survive late summer nights and nosy relatives this Christmas.

DON’T: Ignore your facial needs!

GET IT AT: Avenue Advance Skin Care | 22 The Avenue, Windsor

For your legs – a happily natural tan

DO: Get a gloriously bronze tan this summer, sans the sunspots and deadly UV rays. Forget tandoori-coloured arms and suspiciously uneven legs - some of Melbourne’s best beauticians can create a natural-looking, streak-free tan you’ll want to keep all Christmas. Give a gift to yourself – you’ve earned it this year!

DON’T: Go full Oompa Loompa on us this summer.


Ella Bache Prahran | 158 Chapel Street, Prahran
Beautyologist | 181 Carlisle Street, St Kilda East

For your luscious locks – summer colours and cuts

DO: Try a new cut or colour for summer. Perhaps you’ve had a particularly scarring haircut and/or colouring experience, but does that mean you should be condemned to wearing the same hairdo all summer? We think not. Whether you’ve got a new do in mind, or you’re looking for the perfect hairdresser to restyle your look, put your prized locks in the hands of some of the best hairdressers in Melbourne and watch them work their Edward Scissorhand skills.

DON’T: Go and chop it all off without a plan in a moment of desperation for a new do.


The Do | 171 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda
Meddlers | 67 Toorak Road, South Yarra

For your eyebrows – thread those babies

DO: Skip the wax and choose threading this summer. Easier on the delicate skin around your eyes and perfect for Melburnians with sensitive skin, threading uses no chemicals with the same sharply defined results! Yes please and thank-you. An ancient hair removal technique dating back to India and Central Asia, those old folk definitely knew what was up with unwanted hair.

DON’T: Suffer through irritated red rashes around your eyes.


Ottoman3 | Level 1 at the entry point of the walkway from Melbourne Central to Emporium
Lash and Brow Boudoir | 204 Church Street, Richmond and 163 Commercial Road, Prahran

For your unwanted hair – get rid of it with style

DO: Leave your undignified swear words at the door - you won’t need them during one of the least painful waxes in Melbourne! When it comes to things like waxing, it can be tricky to leave your appointment with the same class and dignity you had when you arrived. Luckily, Melbourne’s best waxing specialists can get you through your dreaded monthly appointment with the kind of delicate pampering and care you deserve.

DON’T: Go through any unnecessary flaming pain.


Waxed | 1 Winter Street, Malvern
Hüd Skin and Body | 140 St Kilda, St Kilda

For your nails – get some bling

DO: Invest in your nails. A particularly popping set of pointers might mean you can slack off on your outfits this summer, so head to some of Melbourne’s best nail bars for some serious cuticle pampering. From the crowd-favourite classic mani to longwear gel and glittery concoctions, these two nail studios use natural products that are great for the party season. Without the paint-like stench, you’ll be keen to show of these pearly, nail-y gems all day!

DON’T: Go for the subtle option this time.


Missy Lui | 1161 High Street, Armadale
Miss Fox | Levels 1-3, 285 Little Collins Street, Melbourne

For your lashes – get a boost 

DO: Try out a lash extension or lash lift this summer. Frame those big beautiful gems you’ve got sitting under your lashes this season by trying a lash lift for some extra wow factor. Pretty much a semi-permanent lash perm, but with more boom, you’ll love fluttering these extended lash-y babies all night. As a bonus, lash lifts are heaps easier to maintain than lash extensions! Hooray!

DON’T: Spend summer curling your lashes.

GET IT AT: Amy Jean Eye Couture | Level 1, 14 Collins Street, Melbourne 

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Image credit: Glamour

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