The Best Savoury Croissants in Melbourne

By Iro Kotsimbos
10th Apr 2015

Gosh, we love a croissant. The crisp outer shell, the soft pillows of pastry inside, the buttery smell—seriously, just thinking about it has us drooling!

In our search for the best croissants in Melbourne we’ve uncovered some cracking sweet treats, but how about savoury? Who’s dishing up those bad boys?!

This is where we put on our very official research hats and get to work*. After all, you asked for Melbourne’s best savoury croissants and we aim to please!

*Also known as devouring everything in sight. 

Pavlov’s Duck


Fitzroy clean eating café, Pavlov’s Duck, is famous for having some of the best breakfasts and lunches on the Northside, however it’s the Lankan Frenchy that’s won us over! The Sri Lankan inspired dish features a light, fluffy, organic croissant filled with a parsley and coconut salad with a hint of chilli, plus a delicious boiled egg. It’s a little bit different, but hey, with meals as addictive as the Lankan Frenchy, Pavlov’s Duck are clearly doing something right! 

Chez Dré

South Melbourne

Oh Chez Dré, how we love you so! This South Melbourne cafe and patisserie, beloved for their so-pretty-it-hurts sweet treats, are also responsible for some of the best croissants in Melbourne. Our fave savoury option is the simple brekkie variety—eggs cooked whichever way you like (Chez Dré do a killer scrambles!) sitting atop one of the fluffiest croissants you’re likely to try. Add a couple of sides, and hey presto, you’ve not only got one of the best croissants, but one of the best breakfasts in Melbourne town.

Filou’s Artisan Patisserie

Carlton North

If you’re looking for the best croissants in Melbourne, without the sugar rush, Filou’s is for you. Perched on a sunny corner in Carlton North, this Melbourne patisserie is one of our faves for freshly baked goodies of both the sweet and savoury varieties—made daily on site. While the cakes and slices are deelish, it’s the ham and cheese croissant that keeps us coming back for more. So flaky, with the perfect amount of cream cheese filling (rather than sliced cheese); get it while it’s hot and you’ll have gobbled it down in the car ride home

La Tropezienne


When the good ol’ ham and cheese croissant cravings strike, we also make tracks to La Tropezienne in Hawthorn. This Eastern suburbs cafe is a hit with locals; no doubt because Tropezienne’s dreamy ham and cheese creation got them hooked! Simple but made spectacularly well, this savoury delight features a fresh croissant made from scratch, generous slices of cheese and thickly cut ham. So, so good.


Port Melbourne

Continuing the theme of French fanciness is Port Melbourne bakery, Noisette, another contender for the best croissants in Melbourne crown. They’ve taken the savoury croissant to another level by adding béchamel sauce to their ham, cheese and tomato creation. BECHAMEL PEOPLE! It’s incredibly addictive; however, no surprises there considering 1) everything Noisette dishes up is spectacular and 2) béchamel makes everything better.

There you have it, Listers—the best savoury croissants Melbourne has to offer! Anyone we’ve missed? Email us your suggestions!

Image Credit: From The Kitchen

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