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5 New Books To Check Out This Month

By Victoria Cotman - 07 Dec 2018

Heading to the beach? Glare ruining your phone time? Well, don’t you worry, we have a low-tech solution for all your entertainment needs. Yes, books glorious books are here to save the day with their words and their sweet sweet stories. And, boy do we have some corkers for December; we’re talking some Cassandra Clare fantasy action and even a manga Macbeth. 

Let’s dive into all the books you should be reading this December.

Queen Of Air And Darkness: Dark Artifices

By Cassandra Clare

Bestselling author Cassandra Clare is one of the world’s most prolific and well-loved fantasy writers, famous for her Shadowhunters series (see: The Mortal Instruments film and TV adaptations). Clare returns to our bookshelves with Queen of Air and Darkness, the last of the Dark Artifices trilogy. In this thrilling conclusion The Clave is on the brink of civil war and warlocks are being wiped out by a plague. Meanwhile, doomed lovers Emma and Julian are trying to save the Shadowhunter world from a parabati curse, before it destroys them all. Queen of Air and Darkness: Dark Artifices hits stores December 4th.


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Never Grow Up

By Jackie Chan

Obviously, Jackie Chan needs no introduction. The funny-man martial artist is the star of basically every martial arts film you’ve ever seen, and hundreds you haven’t. Over two-hundred, in fact. He’s even a kung fu fighting animated monkey. In Never Grow Up the master reflects on his early life in China, big Hollywood breaks and plethora of near-death experiences in the open, honest and hilarious manner we all know and love. After fifty-six years in the industry, Jackie Chan has a lot of stories to tell. You can read all about it in Never Grow Up, out December 4th.


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The Neuroscience Of Mindfulness

By Dr. Stan Rodski

We’ve all heard of ‘mindfulness’, in fact, you’ve probably been encouraged to employ it to help you manage every-day stresses. From adult colouring books, to puzzles, to terrariums, we are seeking out more and more ways to centre ourselves and achieve calm. Now, neuroscientific studies are proving that mindfulness doesn’t just help us relax, but improves our mental and physical health, too. In The Neuroscience of Mindfulness Dr. Rodski explores this concept in clear and easy terms, providing a guide for the most affective mindful activities. The Neuroscience of Mindfulness is available from December 17th.


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How To Be Invisible

By Kate Bush

Kate Bush is, in a word, revered. Her career, spanning from the 70s to right this very minute, has won her a multitude of awards, including the Ivor Novello Award for Outstanding Contribution to British Music. How to be Invisible is a collection of Bush’s lyrics, selected and arranged by the artist herself, and promises to be an emotional experience. Pick up your copy of How to be Invisible December 13th.


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By William Shakespeare, adapted by Manga Classics

We open on a man called Macbeth as he receives a prophecy from three witches: he will become the King of Scotland. Driven by ambition and a cunning wife, Macbeth kills King Duncan and assumes the throne… but the guilt and paranoia may devour him yet. Oh, yes, that Macbeth, but as you’ve never seen him before. We're talking manga style. And frankly, it’s beautiful. Manga Classics has adapted a bunch of old favourites, such as Jane Austen and Charles Dickens. All those and Macbeth are available now.


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