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5 New Documentaries To Check Out This Month

By Victoria Cotman
29th Nov 2018

The moment has come to swap your board shorts for smarty pants and settle in to learn some things about stuff. There’s a two for one deal on disgraced presidents with Stan’s The Circus and Netflix’s Tricky Dick and The Man In Black, a hard look at good ol’ Aussie toxic masculinity in Stan’s Man Up and some Orson Welles you know, for the drama.

Here are all the documentaries worth watching this month.


They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead

Brought to you by Academy Award-winning documentary maker, Morgan Neville, They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead tracks the final years of legendary filmmaker Orson Welles… you know, the guy responsible for the greatest motion picture ever made, Citizen Kane. The doco promises mystery and intrigue (in a distinctly Welles-ian style), asking, whatever happened to Welles’ last project before dying, The Other Side of the Wind? They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead is out now on Netflix.

ReMastered Track 2: Tricky Dick and The Man In Black

How’s this for strange bedfellows? Richard Nixon and Johnny Cash. Netflix’s ReMastered series returns to a device near you with the story of the rise and rise of two notable and notorious American icons, Tricky Dick and The Man in Black. Strangely linked by power and influence, we follow Nixon’s use of the all-American-man to gain popularity, right up to Cash’s contentious performance at the White House. But can the country star support the leader and his war? Or will he side with the people and their protest?
ReMastered Track 2: Tricky Dick and The Man In Black is a go for streaming on Netflix.

Medal of Honor

Get your tissues out, Medal of Honor pays tribute to the service people whose bravery earned them the highest of American military honours. Speaking to the people who are alive today thanks to the sacrifice and courage of their brothers in arms, the Netflix original tells the story of “the worst day” of a soldier’s life; the day in which heroes are made. Sure to leave you astounded and weeping, Medal of Honor is available on Netflix now.


Man Up

Look, it’s not a comfortable subject, but that’s exactly the point. Research is showing men are choosing to take their own lives rather than appear weak by asking for help, and after losing a mate to suicide, Triple M radio host Gus Worland has decided it’s time for social change. In this three-part doco series, we’ll follow Worland as he goes on a mission to break the cycle of male suicide and maybe save some lives along the way. Man Up is on Stan now.

The Circus

“Circus” really is the only word for this real-time doco series. Season one followed the US presidential race, season two covered the first 100 days of Trump’s administration, and season 3 (closing out just this week) is all about the midterm elections and the amazing mess that went with them. Hosted by two astounding journalists and one extraordinary political advisor, The Circus is the best way to wrap your head around how the heck we got *waves hand at the world generally* here. All three seasons of The Circus are ready and waiting for you on Stan.

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