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Indulge Your Sweet-Tooth With These Cream Puffs, The Ultimate Lockdown Treat

By Rick Stephens
10th Aug 2020

Three crispy cream puffs sitting on a baking tray.

You’ve probably heard the word “cream puffs” thrown around, but have you actually tried one? And do you know what they are? Well, Chef Alexandra behind The Choux, is helping you answer those questions.

The name of the biz, The Choux, shares the same name with the pastry used to make these delightful anytime-snacks, as well as profiteroles and eclairs. The texture is crispy on the outer, and softer—almost gooey—on the in. 

You can select from a considered list of fillings for your cream puffs from The Choux, including tangy lemon curd, coconut and mango, rich dark chocolate as well as salted caramel mascarpone and peanuts. 

All ingredients, including the fillings, are made in-house in Chef Alexandra’s Abbotsford kitchen, which is where you can pick up your cream puffs, too.

Like a number of under-the-radar Instagram businesses, The Choux has popped up during Melbourne’s various states of lockdown and caught the attention of many. There’s no website—at this point, anyway—with sweet-tooths instead DMing the pastry chef directly with their orders. You’ll need to order a minimum of four, but you’re most likely going to want to double down on that once you take a bite.

To order, head to The Choux Instagram here. 

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Image credit: The Choux

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