The Clean Eating Guide To Bali

By Anna May
22nd Feb 2016

Healthy eating bali

For some, holidays are a time to let loose, get loose, and indulge like never before. But if you’re the kind of person that isn’t so keen on letting themselves fall deep into a pile of booze, fried foods, and general glutton while on holiday, don’t panic: there’s plenty of ways to keep your healthy lifestyle while living it up in beautiful Bali. Because really, who wants to feel sluggish and bloated while rocking a bikini or showing off your sculpted guns by the pool? 

We asked our friends at Youfoodz, y’know, the awesome healthy food delivery company, to help us put together some awesome healthy places to eat in Bali, so you don’t have to break your healthy streak. 

And, if you want to do a little shredding before you go, be sure to hit them up and try the delicious new Balinese chicken and cashew noodles, inspired by the light, fresh, and healthy flavours of Bali. 

Or, y'know, you could actually enjoy seven nights in Bali and return economy flights for two. Say what? Yup, these guys are giving you a shot at the ultimate Bali holiday. You'll go into the running just by placing an order during February. So basically, you eat, you get a shot at a trip to Bali. That's the dream. 



For those that simply can’t get enough of clean meals, this healthy Ubud café is the place to be. 100% raw vegan and organic, the delicious food at Alchemy is free from refined sugar, flour, dairy, wheat, and chemical additives. Now try saying that three times fast. Don’t be deterred if you’re not trying to cut all of the fun out of food on your holiday, Alchemy serve a huge selection of raw treats, including some damn fine peanut butter cups, raw brownies and cupcakes. They'll even deliver (just like our mates at Youfoodz) for those times when you’re feeling far too chilled by the pool to get up and eat.

Sea Circus


Not vegan or raw, but still want to keep it so fresh and so clean while in Bali? Sea Circus is where it’s at. Keep it simple, honest, and damn delicious when you pop by for dinner and partake in their delicious pan-seared barramundi or chargrilled chicken from the main menu. There’s a menu labelled ‘fresh’ (which is promising in itself), containing such delights as a red quinoa and raisin salad, roasted eggplant wrapped polenta, and a crunchy rainbow vegetarian salad. It’s all here waiting for you, with zero food guilt necessary. 

Milk & Madu


This is the home of #foodporn right here. Run by a couple of local legends who will welcome you with a big smile and a damn good feed, Milk & Madu has all of your home favourites with an Indonesian twist. Head there for a refreshing acai bowl in the morning, a big super smoothie (go for the green monster), or one of their legendary salads. The Byron earth bowl will have you glowing from the inside out in no time. 

Café Zucchini 


One of the most popular places to get your healthy food on in Seminyak, Café Zucchini has become an institution over the years. Looking out over the main drag of Seminyak, this is the best spot to get your fix of delicious veggies. There are freshly made salads every day, refreshing fruit frappes, and a few other hearty meals if that’s your thing.

The Seeds of Life 


This one is for those that are serious about their raw food. And in a serene, picturesque place like Ubud, it’s the ideal time to give it a shot if you’re a first timer. Never fear, it’s nowhere near the realm of boring at The Seeds of Life. The menu includes your classic bacon and eggs… But with eggplant bacon and raw vegan bread, and it’s awesome. For lunch or dinner, there are daily food specials like raw lasagne Mondays, and American diner burger Sundays. If you’re into dude food, this is an absolute must. Who said holidays were all about indulging? 



Look, the entire holiday can’t be all fruit salads and raw vegan, I get it, sometimes you want to splash out on something a little fancier, especially if it’s a special occasion. Fear not, there are plenty of special occasion restaurants in Bali for you to enjoy without going all out and feeling like Augustus Gloop after. The beautiful Sardine will serve up fabulously fresh seafood dishes like miso grilled yellowfin tuna with Asian greens, or grilled lobster with vegetables if you’re feeling super indulgent. The view doesn’t suck either, so what’s not to love?

Peloton Super Shop


Part vegan café, part bicycle store, part event space, Peloton Super Shop ticks all the boxes for delicious food, great atmosphere and a big, fat check in the health department. 
Even if you’re a sceptic about the raw vegan thing, these guys may well change your mind. Channel your favourite pub meal with the tricken parmy: a soy ‘chicken’ schnitzel with cashew cheese that will have you confused in the best way while you wolf that bad boy down. 

Nalu Bowls


A far cry from the explicit singlets and slogan bumper stickers in Kuta, Nalu Bowls is the perfect spot to grab yourself a refreshing, healthy bowl of goodness to survive the Indonesian heat. All ingredients are sourced locally (and daily), so the delicious chopped banana, coconut and mango (or whatever fruit you get, really) is ridiculously fresh. Also, they are the most ‘grammable meals in town, so don’t miss a chance to show off your beautiful bowl and make everyone at home jealous. 

Still keen AF on getting your toned behind to Bali? Get involved below!

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