The Future Has Arrived!

By Chloe Sputore
20th Oct 2015

Back To The Future Retrospective

Remember when you were young, and you watched Back To The Future and Marty McFly travelled to that impossibly distant date far in the future that brought with it flying cars, flying skateboards and super-fly clothing? Well, that date is tomorrow. October 21 2015. Yes, you are old but you’re also a time traveller, so that’s kind of cool. Welcome to the future!

To celebrate, we’ve done a little comparison between Marty’s version of the future and our reality to see how they measure up.

Black & Decker Hydrator Vs. Thermomix

While the Hydrator is voice controlled and requires little to no cooking skills, you can give us a Thermomix any day. Yes, you may have to do more than press a button to create a meal, but the Thermomix offers greater flexibility and much more yumminess. Plus, it cooks, mixes, steams, blends, weighs, stirs and probably won’t give you cancer. Oh and did we tell you we are Thermomix reps now? (LOLZ not really…)

Dehydrated Pizza Vs. Gummy Pizza

Dehydrated pizza is a thing in our world as well as Back To The Future world, however it is not delicious (possibly because we do not have a hydrator). But! Gummy Pizzas ARE delicious and are better than dehydrated pizza because they don’t require any cooking. Nothing is cuter than the teeny tiny dehydrated pizza in Back To The Future though…I kinda want one to wear as a necklace.

Pepsi Perfect Vs. Itself

You guys! Pepsi have answered our Back To The Future dreams and will release a limited edition of Pepsi Perfect on 21 October 2015. Unfortunately, it will only be available to people living in the US, so you better start sucking up to your stateside friends—or invent a flying Delorean.

Hoverboard Vs. Segway

Back To The Future totally wins this round! The mere mortals of our timeline still haven’t managed to crack a working hoverboard. There have been many attempts, most recently from Lexus, who came close using some bad-ass smoke and a bevy of super-conductors—but it still needed a (hidden) track to fly. Marty’s hoverboard worked EVERYWHERE—except on water. The closest thing we have to futuristic transport is the Segway and that makes me sad. Every day.

Nike Mag Power Lacing Shoes Vs. Regular Sneakers

You win again Back To The Future, unless Nike releases real-life Nike Mags (that are actually self-lacing) on 21 October. Lacing sneakers is such a bore so I really hope they do.

Flying Cars Vs. Self Parking Cars

I’m not too sure I would want flying cars in Australia, not with our crazy drivers. Self parking cars, however, are something I can get on board with. Eliminating the embarrassment of a dodgy parallel park, whoever invented these awesome vehicles is bad ass! Also, Tesla have invented a car with an autopilot mode which is pretty cray!

Video Telephone Vs. Facetime

So Facetime is definitely better than video telephone, however, Apple could take a few hints from Back To The Future II to make it better—like being able to answer by voice activation.

Barcode Licence Plates Vs. Personalised Plates

I WISH we had barcode licence plates. It would save our eyes from all those fully-sick bogan plates like TEMTNU, CYAL8ER and TRMIN8R. Back To The Future II, you win big time! History take note, the only acceptable custom plate is Outtatime.

Auto-adjusting And Auto-drying Jacket Vs. Lululemon

So we haven’t yet invented any auto-adjusting/drying clothes, however Lululemon have created the most comfortable clothes ever with sweat-wicking fabrics that hold you in in all the right places, so we’re almost there. Kinda.

Image Credit: Mental Floss

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