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Jurassic World: The Exhibition Is Coming To Melbourne!

By Ellen Seah
3rd Dec 2015

Dinosaur lovers, film nerds, and all Melburnians who are not appropriately excited for this rooooaring event - our little city has scored the blockbuster exhibition of Jurassic World!

Featuring life-sized dinosaurs that will move and roar (just like in Jurassic World…squeeeelll), visitors of all ages are invited to explore the interactive environments based on scenes from Jurassic World. From visiting the Hammond Creation Lab to learning about top-secret dino projects currently in development, you'd best book early to avoid tears from the kids... yes, the kids

Debuting next year at Melbourne Museum, the exhibition has been put together by Imagine Exhibitions and Universal Partnerships in collaboration with palaeontologist Jack Horner. In other words, this is the real deal people! It’s not all fantasy and fun – the exhibition will also aim to educate visitors on real-world science and dinosaur DNA. Towering roaming dinosaur species will include the Pachyrhinosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Tyrannosaurus rex and more - see a quick video teaser of the dinosaurs here.

Now we're just hoping that the gift shop stocks t-shirts with a picture of that guy from Jurassic World who grabbed his margarita before escaping the pterodactyl attack. Because that guy is all of us.

The Jurassic World exhibition opens on 19 March, 2016. Tickets are available via ticketmaster

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Photo credit: YouTube

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