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The List | Everything We’re Loving Right Now

By Sophie Colvin
29th Jul 2015

Each month, one member of The Urban List team shares their current obsessions, giving you Listers a little insight into what we’re lusting after, what’s providing inspiration, and what makes us just tick.

This month, The Urban List Melbourne’s Communications Executive, Sophie Colvin, has whittled down the things she’s loving to a lust-list of ten things.

Vallis Alps

Vallis Alps are an Aussie band that I’ve had on high rotation for longer than it would usually take for me to ruin a song for myself. First introduced to the world through that little gem Triple J Unearthed, it was love at first listen.

Hailing from Canberra (who knew so many good things came out of Canberra – Safia, Peaking Duck ??) Vallis Alps produce dreamy, beautiful and mesmerising electronica. It’s still early days for the duo, so there are only a few tunes available, but I highly recommend you add it to your playlist. I find it’s weirdly versatile and is good for background music, roadtrips, and exercise. (How is that even possible?!)

Tokyo Tina ceviche

The magical team behind those brilliant sisters, Hanoi Hannah, Saigon Sally and Tokyo Tina has done it again—this time it’s Tina’s turn to shine. Dishing up Port Lincoln Kingfish ceviche with wasabi and apple, the whole lot has been combined and stuffed into a miniature charcoal cone. Initially I thought this might’ve just been a bit of a novelty dish, essentially looking like a tiny fish iceream, but maaaaan does the flavour pack a punch. They’re 7 bucks a pop, which might seem a bit steep for something that’s basically one mouthful, but I swear it it’s worth every cent. Hang the expense.

Harlow and Sage

If you’re a sucker for #dogsofinstagram, @harlowandsage is gonna tip you over the edge. Some days I just can’t handle so much cute on one page.

There’s a bit of a back-story to the account—Harlow the Weimaraner and Sage the ageing Dachshund were the original gang, but Sage passed away and it’s now Harlow, Indianna and Reese, also dachshunds. (See, I’m totally up to speed on the family dynamics). The trio of canine siblings are the most photogenic, amenable posers I’ve ever clapped eyes on. Aaaanyway, just do yourself a favour and check it out. You can thank me later.

Jo Malone perfume

I did my time walking the road of Impulse and Britney Spears’ latest offering—all eye-wateringly sweet and, in hindsight, moderately repulsive. I thank the powers that I came out the other side and settled on something subtle, fresh and not released as a one-off by a B grade celeb. Jo Malone’s Blackberry and Bay isn’t sweet and fruity, and it isn’t floral, it’s just…. fresh. I also really like Jo Malone’s range as a lot of the scents have been designed to pair, meaning that if you can’t narrow it down to one, you can find two that go together to combine for something a bit different from your daily routine.

Pimms Winter

“But Pimms is a summer drink” I hear you cry! WRONG! Pimms is no longer limited to garden parties and tennis tournaments, there’s now a winter version—Pimms Winter Cup No.3. Brandy-based, Pimms Winter is magnificent when paired with fresh apple juice and can be gulped either hot or cold. It’s the perfect fireside belly warmer for those that are lamenting the loss of summer. My first memories of being allowed to drink alcohol are filled with Pimms in the garden during summer. (Cheers for going straight to spirits, Mum and Dad). So I was tickled to discover that my love of Pimms can now be an all-year-round affair.

Essie nailpolish

I’m going to come straight out and tell you that I am useless when it comes to gettin’ ma nails did. I hardly ever have gorgeous glossy fingertips that are chip-free and of a respectable, adult female length. But a while back I discovered Essie nailpolish (thanks Santa) and it has revolutionised my mani routine. There’s something about the formula that makes Essie polishes glide on with relative ease. No tell-tale brush strokes and no streakiness highlighting the fact that I’m a bit hopeless when it comes to this beauty caper. Essie’s colour range is pretty ace, but at the moment I’m loving the colour called Maxmillian Strasse Her. It’s a pearly grey colour and it tricks me into believing I’m more grown up than I really am.

Womankind magazine

Womankind is not your typical magazine, for a start there’s not an ad in sight. Each edition is usually over a hundred pages of beautifully deigned, insightful and thought provoking creative writing, memoirs and essays. Published for women, Womankind has hit the spot for its core readership, providing them with a meaningful quarterly publication. There’s something lovely about settling in with a magazine that’s not a magazine. It’s the size and length of a magazine, so feels light and holiday-y, but there’s no icky air brushing or glossy pages of clothes that I’d never actually buy. I feel just a smidge more informed after reading it, so I guess that’s a bonus.

Jardan Wilfred Chair

Made entirely in Melbourne, Jardan’s range of furniture is nothing short of sublime, and the Wilfred Chair is something that I’ve been quietly coveting for a long time. It’s all smooth wood and pillowy comfort. And, as with a lot of the Jardan furniture, you can pick and choose the wood/material combo.

Confession time: If I happen to be passing Jardan’s Church Street showroom, I sometimes pop in and subtly try to have a little sit in the Wilfred Chair—I’m always “just browsing, thanks”! But I swear it’s only if I’m passing. That makes it normal, right? RIGHT?! I would happily take home an entire house worth of furniture from Jardan. A gal can dream.

The Town Mouse

I have a serious crush on not only the food at The Town Mouse, but also the actual venue itself. I always sit at the bar, partly because it’s easier to get a seat, but also because I really enjoy seeing The Town Mouse team deftly do their thang. The staff are all super friendly and I find that sitting at the bar gives you an opportunity to chat about the food and drinks and find out a bit more about each dish. The beef tartare and the goats cheese profiteroles are my favourites, but I have just spotted Duck breast with jerusalem artichoke, porcini, horseradish and winter leaves on their winter menu, so I think another visit is in order. The whole menu has been designed to share, which suits me perfectly as I’m hopeless at ever narrowing down exactly what I want to order. Food envy is real, people.


As I’m sure you can imagine, working at The Urban List can be dan-ger-ous for the waistline. I know this sounds like a non-issue, but let me tell you, when you’re faced with two boxes of gourmet donuts, peanut butter protein balls, popcorn with truffle butter, an artisan sandwich and a case of beer, all on Wednesday, one’s will power is seriously tested and action must be taken. KFit to the rescue. I recently discovered this lifestyle fitness program and it’s exactly what the dietician ordered.

KFit has partnered with a glorious range of fitness studios, classes and gyms all over Melbourne (and Australia) to give everyone a bit of flexibility. I’m all over the place—one afternoon I’ll be in the office, one evening I’ll be meeting with friends on the other side of the city, and sometimes I force myself to exercise closer to home in the morning. I’m not exactly Sporty Spice and I get really bored reeaalllly quickly doing the same-old, same-old thing every day at the gym, so KFit has been a god-send. You just pay your monthly membership and it gives you access to all of the different classes and gyms that they’ve partnered with.

Love mellow beats, corny Instgram accounts and interiors as much as Soph does? Drop her a line about your finds here.

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