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The New Serial Podcast Is Here And We’re Really Excited About It

By Angela Law
29th Mar 2017


If you are married to your podcast app like us, and sit firmly (and happily) in the Serial-obsessed camp, you would have woken up to a cheeky little surprise this morning. Serial’s new podcast, S-Town is here, and they’ve released all of the episodes in one drop because they know as well as we do that everything is better when binged. 

A few weeks ago we were teased with a preview that gave us chills—dramatic? Yes. Accurate? Abso-freaking-lutely. S-Town is short for Shit Town, AKA Woodstock, Alabama and kicks off with This American Life and Serial producer, Brian Reed to investigate a murder in the small Southern town over three years. Alabama native, John B. McLemore emailed Brian in 2013 after hearing about a wealthy family who’s allegedly been bragging about getting away with murder. Needless to say, John hates his town. Like, he reeeaally hates it.

We don’t want to give any spoilers, so we’ll give you the short of it—someone else will end up dead, there’ll be a hunt for hidden treasure, and Brian will unearth all the mysteries of one man’s life (our money is on John, obvs).

Get downloading people, because this one is a doozey. 

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