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The Verdict: HÜD’s DMK Enzyme Therapy

By Bianca O'Neill
30th Jan 2016

When you're the kind of person who doesn't know a huge amount about the endless raft of beauty treatments out there, sometimes it can be hard to negotiate the clinical-sounding menu that faces you upon arrival at your local beauty salon. If you're like me, you went in for a facial that one time, and came out after receiving some weird 5 hour Dutch butt-needling therapy, confused as to where you went wrong.

Neglecting our skin is one of our biggest post-holiday downfalls: and after a heap of drinking / eating / not exercising for a good month or so, it was time for some beauty-loving. So I headed to the very chic HÜD Skin + Body Lounge for their trademark DMK Enzyme Therapy Face and Body Treatment.

First off, the digs: HÜD is a unique skincare offering using exclusive and globally renowned products to deliver on all your skincare needs - and best of all, they've managed to achieve the kind of calm and stylish setting that makes you feel like you're hanging out in owner Gry Tomte's Scandinavian designer home. When I walked into my treatment room, it certainly didn't feel like your standard salon: there were Scandi throw pillows, a mid-century couch (that I would love to steal), and gorgeous personal pictures of Gry and her family hanging on the walls.

My treatment started with a relaxing foot bath, before heading over to the treatment table to be briefed in on the process of DMK Enzyme Therapy. First up: a disclaimer. You wouldn't think you'd need a briefing for a treatment - but this ain't any old treatment. This one comes with a guided meditation process to stop you freaking out when you think your face is shrinking. Allow me to explain...

You see, the DMK Enzyme Therapy Treatment uses your lymphatic system to draw lots of blood flow into your face, thereby oxygenating it - which immediately and visibly plumps your skin. In layman's terms, a masque is applied to your face which tightens your skin just enough to encourage the blood to rush to the area. So where do you need tightening the most? Of course, it is applied liberally to the face and thighs for maximum plumping impact!

During the treatment, it can get pretty uncomfortable behind the masque (but it must be said, never painful), as the masque tightens around your skin and the blood starts pulsating through your face and thighs. Personally, I didn't feel it much on my legs, but it was a strange feeling on my face - I'd liken it to covering your head in superglue, and feeling it tighten as it dries. During the treatment, the lovely staff play a guided meditation, which takes your mind (slightly) off the now-throbbing weirdness of the sensation.

Upon removal, don't be alarmed if your face and legs are covered in spidery red lines - that's actually a good thing! - because the more oxygenation that is achieved, the more your capillaries come to the surface for air.

The results? I definitely saw a plumping of my skin, as well as a visible after-glow. Personally, I also had no post-treatment breakouts, which is a bonus when it comes to facials.

Gry tells me the more you do it, the better the results - of course - and if the result of a regular DMK Enzyme Therapy treatment is total post-meditation #zen and an awesome natural glow, then I guess I'm in for the long haul.

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Photo credit: Bianca O'Neill

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