These Are Your Favourite Articles From 2015

By Ellen Seah
17th Dec 2015


2015, you’ve been a wonderfully strange year. From single-handedly drying up Australia’s Nutella supply with our borderline obsession with doughnuts (if doughnuts were a person Melbourne would definitely be charged with inappropriate stalking), to the rather rapid evolution of paleo/raw/vegan restaurants (srsly where did they all come from) - at the very least, 2015 has been a hella lot of fun.

There have been some articles that have seriously sent you guys into a frenzy this year - so if you’re looking to round out 2015 with something a little special, there’s plenty of love to go around in our top articles for 2015. Merry Christmas!    

1. The more booze the better in Melbourne, as shown by ya love for the 33 Bars You Should Have Been To If You Live In Melbourne.

2. Everyone loves 100 of Melbourne's Best Cheap Eats, especially if you've generously given yourself one too many Christmas gifts. 

3. The requirements are high when it comes to labelling yourself a Melburnian - there are exactly 47 Things You Should Have To Do Before You Can Call Yourself A Melburnian.

4. Clearly, somehow, there ain't enough brunch going around for your liking Listers...if the reaction to the 65 Melbourne Cafes You Should Have Had Breakfast At is anything to go by?!

5. We're all guilty of being an inner city wanker...

6. Vegetarians are getting lots of love from us and Melbourne, with Melbourne's 11 Best Restaurants for Vegetarians!  

7. Everyone in Melbourne loves a good secret - and the proof is our Fave 5 Hidden Bars in Melbourne!

8. Want access to Everywhere and Everything You Should Have Eaten if you Live in Melbourne? Of course you do. 

9. The Best New Melbourne Restaurants, Cafes & Bars of 2015...because who doesn't like shiny new things?!

10. We know Melbourne loves some good ol' American food, so obviously you loved the Best American Food in Melbourne

11. In Melbourne, we've got a pretty sweet deal. Here are the 15 First World Problems Australians Need to Get Over that you related to...a lot.

12. We were pretty keen to Predict The Next Man-Trend trend and finally rid the dreaded man-bun. Guess you guys were too. 

13. At The Urban List, we'd like to think we know Melbourne pretty well. The 50 Things Every Melburnian Has Said At Some Point must've been at least a little (100%) accurate! 

14. Everyone loves a cute pooch, but do you know What Your Dog Breed Says About You? Consider yourself informed...

15. Melbourne's Best Hidden Everything #1. That's it. 

If you're clinging to 2015, we feel you. Here are the 50 Meals You Should Have Eaten in 2015 and Melbourne's Best Dishes 2015 to hang onto this year. 

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