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Pick Of The Precinct | Everything To Eat & Drink In Glen Waverley

By Megan Whitfield
10th Jun 2018


We understand if Glen Waverley isn’t quite on your radar. But the locals will tell you—you’re missing out. This multicultural south-eastern suburb has a bit of everything, for everyone, and largely all on one bustling strip. Ah Kingsway, we're so lucky to have you. From top quality coffee to epic burgers and enough cheap, tasty Asian restaurants to keep you going all year 'round, it’s worth the trip out of the city. It’s not that far. Promise.

Here are the best things to eat in Glen Waverley. You can thank us later.

Glen Waverley's Best Cafes

White Mojo+

White Mojo+ opened up shop in Glen Waverley in 2017, and locals quickly swarmed all over it. You see that little + added to the name? That’s no mistake. With an in-house roastery and specialty toast bar (we know), they've definitely earned the extra. Our recommendation? The black latte pannacotta, served with a house-made granola, freeze dried fruit, coconut foam and passionfruit curd. The signature soft shell crab croissant burger deserves an honourable mention too. Shotgun a seat in the patio out back. 

Black Flat Coffee Brewers

Black Flat Coffee Brewers doesn’t have a huge range of food (although they do some good toasties and bagels), but it’s one of our favourite spots for a coffee break. A bit of a hole-in-the-wall (we love those) just near the Glen Waverley station, they’ve got seasonal batch brews, strong capps, and a solid mocha. Plus, pastries from Penny for Pound. The days of lukewarm potato cakes from Glen Waverley station are long gone. 

Workshop Brothers

We told you Glen Waverley is cool. Last year Workshop Brothers set up shop in this humble suburb (becoming less humble with each new opening), and unlike some of their other locations, this one is an all-day eatery. And for that we say thank you. Filling your cup with specialty coffee and plate with awesome Asian-inspired dishes, this is one you don’t want to miss. Particularly the slow-cooked beef cheeks on rosemary hash, which cracked out Top 50 dishes last year.

Glen Waverley's Best Restaurants 


Here in Glen Waverley, we love a good burger (don’t we all) and YOMG delivers. A frozen yoghurt/ burger bar combo shouldn’t work, but it so, so does. You really can’t go wrong whatever you order, but the Kingsway is a classic. Double beef, double cheese, caramelized onion, ketchup and secret sauce. Wash it down with a shake, and follow up with some fro-yo. Or have dessert first, we won’t judge. PRO TIP: If these burgers aren’t quite what you’re after, you can always walk down to Mocha Jo’s Burger Bar or HuxataGO over in The Glen’s new food precinct. As I said, we love a good burger.

The Black Toro

If you’re feeling something with a bit more mood lighting, we suggest Black Toro. They've got mouth-watering Hispanic dishes like wagyu beef sliders and mushroom empanadas, and most of the menu is built around share plates. Our highlight is the crispy pork hock, cooked with guajilo chilli and apple salsa verde. YUM. They’ve got solid dessert too, if your pants are stretchy enough. 


If you’ve been to Glen Waverley before, you know a lack of good Asian food has never been a problem. Places like Waya are making sure it stays that way. Grab yourself a steaming bowl of ramen, polish off some Donburi, or scoff down some fresh sushi at this hustling Japanese joint. Pro tip: If Waya isn't quite satisfying your Japanese craving, Glen Waverley is also home to Shira Nui, one of our favourite sushi spots in Melbourne. We still dream of the flame-seared salmon sashimi there. 

Steak Ministry Bar & Grill

This one is a little more upmarket than you’d usually find in Glen Wav, so it's perfect for a special occasion. As the name suggests, this is a spot for all you carnivores out there. The folks at Steak Ministry specialise in prime cuts of A-Grade beef, with a strong nose-to-tail focus. Wash it down with a carefully selected wine menu and you're on your way to a lovely evening. 

The Grand Tofu

You’ll be here for a good time but not a long time. Tasty Chinese and Malaysian dishes delivered in minutes, and with almost every dish under $13. We dare you to find anything over $16. Cheap, chearful and bloody delicious. Just don't expect silver service. 

Sette Bello

If you want a break from Asian food, firstly—why? And secondly, we’ve got something for you. Tucked off the main drag, Sette Bello is the place to go for all your Italian cravings. Get in your carbs for the day with the ‘gnocchi pugliese’, filled with spicy sausage, black olives, broccoli and shaved parmesan, or go for the pan-fried duck break with cannellini bean scordalia, grilled peach and duck glaze. And for dessert, the ‘spinge’ Italian fried doughnuts (of course).

Hong Kong Dim Sum

If you’re looking for an Asian fix without the guilt of eating out AGAIN, pick yourself up some dumplings from Hong Kong Dim Sum to steam at home. And absolutely do not miss their egg custards tarts—the best. It doesn’t count as eating out if technically you eat it at home, right?

Meat In The Middle

We heard from a trusted source that there was a kebab shop in Glen Waverley doing the best grilled meat in town. Well, that's like a red rag to a bull. We didn't rest till we tried out Meat In The Middle. And they really do live up the hype. Sit yourself up at the window and order the Spartan souvlaki (lamb or pork gyro is best) with a side of crispy feta fries and spicy chicken ribs. Happy days. 


This is our pick for the after-movie dessert. Located right outside Century City Village Cinemas, Piatella has tasty main meals (including breakfast till 4pm) and, arguably, even better sweet treats. Pick yourself up a slice of New York baked cheesecake or go for the waffles and crepes, made fresh to order, as you sip your latte. There’s a reason this one is constantly busy.

Glenny Kebabs

Okay, so 'restaurant' is being used loosely here, but if you're after a late-night eat (or dinner, both are good), look no further than Glenny Kebabs. It's kinda tucked away next to a petrol station, but with the crowds milling about, it's hard to miss. That and the assortment of muscle cars being modelled out front... Follow the masses and get yourself a quality kebab, or a classic HSP. This place was even selling merch at one stage. Nothing quite like your local kebab joint offering a side of hoodies with your chips. Honourable mention to the legends at Kebab Thyme. They're no slouch. 

Glen Waverley Best Bars

Honestly? If you want a drink, get out of Glen Waverley.

(Okay, that's not totally accurate.  Workshop Brothers has a solid range of funky cocktails to try, and Mocha Jo’s is a nice spot for a wine on a warm evening. However, the bar scene is still very much 'developing' in Glen Wav. But did we mention the good food, and the good coffee? They’ve got that in spades.

Image credit: Jenna Fahey-White

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