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The Perfect Beauty Treatment To Undo The Festive Season

By Pip Jarvis
12th Jan 2016

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If you’re anything like the Listers I’ve come to know and love, you’ve been partying like it’s 1999 over the summer break. So, in addition to a booze-addled liver and depleted bank balance, your skin’s probably looking a bit shabby. All that fun-juice and sunshine has likely left it irritated, dull and more than a little dehydrated. Amirite?

I hear you loud and clear, ladies. And while prevention is always better than the cure, sometimes the damage is done - and beggars can’t be choosers. Which is why I volunteered myself as a post-party-season guinea pig to test a new beauty treatment that promises to hide the sins of the festive season just past.

The Treatment: Skinstitut’s AHA Enzyme Peel

Where: Laser Clinics Australia, Chadstone Clinic

The Promise: “An active treatment option that uses enzymes to micro-exfoliate and refresh skin, soothing, hydrating and renewing all skin types, especially dry, dehydrated and sensitised skin. Refreshing and revitalising, this intense treatment helps to reveal a smoother, brighter, healthier looking complexion.”

Sold? So was I...

The Verdict

Obviously, I trotted along with bells on to Laser Clinics Australia to meet with Skinstitut’s National Educator, Joanne Coles, to find out what could be done for my party-weary visage.

Jo took one look at my face, and was thankfully quite kind. After reclining on the comfy treatment bed, I was told my skin was in reasonable condition, but it could definitely do with some TLC, both professional and at home. I was briefed on the background of Skinstitut, a leading Australian cosmeceutical brand with a firm focus on effective active ingredients, minus much of the marketing noise, and free from the exorbitant price tag.

I’ve had the odd peel in the past, but the AHA Enzyme Peel is perfect for peel newbies, as it’s pretty gentle, has no down-time and leaves minimal redness - making it the perfect lunch-break treatment.

After being quizzed about my diet and learning I needed to up my intake of leafy greens and oily fish, the treatment began. After double cleansing my (apparently filthy?) face, the peel accelerator was applied to prep the skin so the peel could get down and dirty and do its work. I’m not going to lie: this part was a bit uncomfortable. My skin felt hot and a little stingy, but the lovely Jo gave me a small fan which dulled the bite. Next up, the peel itself was massaged into my skin for five glorious minutes. Facial massage might just be my new favourite.

As for the peel itself, I’m told it contains papaya extract, Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), chamomile, passionfruit and grape seed oils – ingredients which work like pacman to gobble up dead skin cells, oil and dirt, gently exfoliating and hydrating the skin for a healthy and happy complexion.

Once removed, I was spritzed with a lovely spray of the Multi Active Mist, packed full of face-saving goodness like antioxidant all-star CoEnzyme Q10, Hyaluronic Acid (the great hydrator), and skin-strengthening Niacinamide. The final flourish was an application of the soothing repair balm, and Age Defence SPF 50+ because, Australian summer.

My face was a little flushed at first (darn Scottish heritage), but over the next 24 hours it returned to its alabaster glory and I noticed my skin looked a heck of a lot more plump and luminous. Over the next few days I gazed at it adoringly and promptly booked in for a second peel. While a course is recommended for optimal skin health, even one treatment will give you near-instant, visible results.

The best part? By removing all the, let’s call it crap, from the surface of the skin, your homecare products have a clear run to absorb deeper into the dermis and actually do what they’re supposed to.

As a wise man once said, “I’ll be back.”

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Image credit: Little Plastic Horses via Pinterest

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