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This Melbourne Bar Is Letting You Pay Your Drinks Forward

By James Shackell
25th Aug 2017


Just when you think there’s no hope for humanity and we should all go live up a tree, something like this happens.

Bar Americano in the CBD are offering patrons the chance to ‘pay forward’ their drinks; basically reserving a free drink for a total stranger. That stranger will walk into the bar, sit down, and—hey presto—there’ll be a free espresso waiting for them. On the house. You can pay forward either a Coffee Supreme Espresso ($3), Amaro Americano ($7) or one of Bar Americano's signature negronis ($15).

Owner Matt Bax is calling it ‘Caffe Sospeso’ ('suspended coffee'). He came across the concept while travelling in Naples, where it's been a thing since WWII. Many Neapolitan cafes allow punters to buy and hold-over free drinks for future patrons, for no other reason that it’s fun to be nice to people. In recent times, STREAT has rolled out a similar policy, where you can reserve coffees for the homeless. 

Apparently Bar Americano customers are already getting in on the act, with many choosing to shout future strangers a drink. No pressure. You don’t HAVE to do it. It’s just a nice option, if you want to catapult some random happiness into the shadowy world we call The Future.

Somewhere Kevin Spacey is high-fiving the universe.

The Details

Where: Bar Americano, 20 Presgrave Place, CBD
When: Right now. The policy is ongoing.  
For more info, click here.

The good vibes must be paying off: Christy Tania just opened her new artisan ice-cream bar in Windsor. Talk about good karma. 

Image credit: Carmen Zammit

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