This Melbourne Restaurant Just Invented Matcha & Milo Dessert Roti

By Ellen Seah
23rd Aug 2017

For a restaurant that’s dishing out some of the most inventive, Instagram-crazy drinks and food around—Son In Law is reasonably unassuming on first glance. Nestled along a quieter section of Johnston Street, he’s the in-law you wish you had.

Combining the crispy, buttery, addictively chewy nature of roti with the sweet, sweet taste of Thai milk tea, Son In Law have created dessert roti (aka a food hybrid you’ll actually want to eat). Other flavours include matcha or milo, which is essentially an adult, foodie-approved version of your favourite childhood drink.

Roti is served on a sizzling hot plate, topped with marshmallows, vanilla ice-cream and crushed cashew nuts. Warm matcha, milo or Thai milk tea syrup is poured over the dessert for a steaming hawt ending.

Look out for the understated orange building. The split-level venue is all about tradition and slices of culture. Crinkled photographs and signs in Thai are dotted around the open-brick space, and jars of herbs and spices line one side of the restaurant.

If that doesn’t have you dashing into the Collingwood restaurant, there are a few other items on the menu that will get you car wheels turning. Fairy floss rainbow milks hit the table glittering in tall, multi-coloured glasses and are topped with a (we admit it, slightly OTT) cloud of fairy floss. Complete with caricature faces, options at the moment include a yellow baby duck, white & pink bear, Mamegoma and Hello Kitty. Imagine the Instagram pictures if you bought three friends and ordered one each (*faints*).

Black Pad Thai made with charcoal noodles is tossed through mouth-watering spices and your choice of chicken or prawn. New to the menu is also hot & spicy Sriracha fried chicken ribs, which you’ll have to get your fingers (and likely, your face) sticky for. Don’t worry, it’s totally worth it.

If you still have room in your belly after that (we commend you), there’s a range of modern Thai dishes including Son In Law eggs, crispy soft shell crab and tiger prawns in green curry, or twice cooked crispy pork belly. Couple it with a range of craft beers, cocktails and boutique wine list—and we have your weeknight date #sorted.

Image credit: Griffin Simm

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