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Thousands Of People Are Gathering In Fed Square To Cry

By James Shackell
4th Jul 2018


As Freddie Prinze Jnr. so wisely said in Friends: “Crying is good. It lets the boo hoos out.” Good call, Mr. Jnr.

Well one enterprising Melbournian is taking that advice to the next level. Her name is Claudia Lawrence-Clover, and she’s organised a public crying event at Fed Square this month. Basically thousands of people standing around balling their eyes out and sobbing uncontrollably.

Why? Err...why not?

“It started out as a bit of a joke,” says Claudia. “I was having a rough night and I felt like a good old cry, and I thought I’d make an event about it, see if anyone else was feeling the same way. And it blew up!”

Sure did. There’s currently two thousand people marked as ‘attending’ and another 5k people interested in the event on Facebook. Claudia says she doesn’t exactly know what’s going to happen on the day. People will arrive, have a sniffle, comfort eachother, and—basically—have a good old cry. That’s about it.

“Even though it started as a joke, I want to make the event more about mental health in Melbourne,” Claudia says. “Anyone’s welcome. If you’ve got something to get off your chest, now’s a good time. I’ll be there, even if no-one else is.”

Even though these sort of events probably aren’t what the founding fathers of Fed Square had in mind, they’re becoming more common. We’ve had people gathering in Fed Square to say wow like Owen Wilson, and even scream like Goku.

So maybe when we look at Fed Square and think “What is this place really for...?” this is the answer. It’s the one place Melbourne can gather as a collective and do random sh*t. Whether that’s crying or screaming and just saying wow.

Is there a better use of public space than that?

Don't forget guys, if you ever need someone to chat to, Lifeline is always there. No shame in letting the boo hoos out. 

The Details

Where: Fed Square, CBD
10am, Saturday 21 July
For more info, click here.  

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Image credit: Dawsons Creek

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