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Tips for Throwing a Killer NYE Bash

By Ellen Seah
30th Dec 2015

nye party planning tips

If you're ushering in 2016 as the official party planner of a coveted big bash, there's no room to get this one wrong gurl! A NYE party is a make or break for your hostess rep - but luckily Emma Rosen, Director of Party Affairs, has some easy tips to make sure your 2016 doesn't start with a flop.

It's time to siddown, shuddup, and grab that notepad - 'cause Emma's tips will make your party pop more than a party cracker. 

#1 – Guest list is key. Who do you want to be rubbing shoulders with as the New Year dawns? Choose a bunch of your favourite party people, and get invites out with as much notice as possible as it’s such a busy time of year. Be clear when it comes to plus ones, to avoid any awkwardness for guests.

#2 – Be realistic. Don’t invite more people than you can fit or afford to feed. Big doesn’t always mean better.

#3 – Have fun with theming. This should run through all aspects from the food to drinks, décor and music. Having a theme always adds atmosphere and makes an event more memorable. Fancy dress is never a bad idea, either.

#4 ­– Organise a cracking playlist in advance, with plenty of fun party tracks and d-floor fillers. Alternatively, hire a great DJ or band. Spending all night having to skip tracks is never fun.

#5 – Design a delicious welcome cocktail to get people talking.

#6 ­– Stock up on ice! Warm drinks are always a downer, especially during a hot Aussie summer.

#7 – Be prepared, especially when it comes to food. Prep as much in advance as you can. Being stuck in the kitchen at your own party sucks. Easy-to-eat, non-messy finger food is always NYE-appropriate, as well as a few loaded platters of nibbles.

#8 – Be generous. “There’s too much food at this party!,” said no-one, ever. Lots of food is essential to soak up the alcohol as people tend to throw caution to the wind at a New Year’s bash.

#9 – Be the social lubricant. As hostess or host, it’s in the job description to help guests mingle, especially solo agents. Put them to work with a tray or bottle of bubbles to encourage natural interactions.

#10 – Leave it to the professionals. To really minimise stress, consider calling in the pros and getting some help with the catering. There are loads of great companies listed in the Party Affairs directory, as well as hire companies for glass and tableware.

#11 – Give guests the transport low down. Transport on New Year’s Eve can be an issue. Provide your guests with details on available parking and public transport options in advance so they can plan their way to and from.

#12 – Get started on the clean up asap, but only once the guests leave! Cleaning while guests are still there is rude and indicates the party’s over in your head. But if you are trying to get rid of lingerers, go for it. Turning down the music is a pretty clear sign, too.

#13 ­– Back to that clean up... Make a start by at least gathering bottles and moving all the carnage to one area to finish in the morning (or afternoon, more likely!). Cleaning after a few tipples is far less painful than tackling the mess with a nasty hangover.

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