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Introducing TOASTA – Melbourne’s First Toastie Truck

By Emily Hutchinson
22nd Sep 2014

Sure, Melbourne's food truck scene is pretty awesome, so when a new one breaks onto the scene, expectations are high.

TOASTA by Rebecca Feingold is the new kid on the Melbourne food truck block, serving up something completely unique to the mobile meal scene: everyone's favourite toasties with a modern twist. The classic go-to snack has been given a revamp by Feingold and her team by adding a touch more sophistication to the quintessential two- ingredient combo. Feingold and her fiancé, Tim Boston, decided to take the plunge into their meals on wheels adventure after realising their true love of street food culture. 'We feel like toasties are the perfect comfort food, anytime around the clock! TOASTA is all about taking the familiar food that everyone loves, and recreating it in ways that blow our customers out the water!' explains Feingold.  

Launching over the weekend, the reaction from the public to TOASTA has been unanimous: you can't go wrong with a steamy, crusty toastie, especially when it comes to you in a specialised food truck. The friendly blue TOASTA van will be popping up all over town and at food truck locations, with Feingold's main goal to bring nine-to-five workers a proper breakfast and lunchtime treat. The van's whereabouts can be tracked through the TOASTA social pages.

When it comes to TOASTA's toasted sandwich menu, it's pretty hard to go wrong. Some of the popular choices on the menu include The Russell, which is made up of gouda, bacon, twice-cooked brussel sprouts and walnuts. The Barry is also a winner, made up of organic cheddar, pulled brisket, dill pickle and smoky BBQ sauce.

As the Melbourne food truck scene continues to evolve, delicious and unique options such as TOASTA join the ranks to diversify what's on offer on the streets today, and it's a delicious gooey addition.

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Image Credit: TOASTA

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