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Top 5 Instagrammable Melbourne Cafes

By Bianca O'Neill
15th Nov 2015

We all have that friend: The one that won’t let you drink a sip of your coffee until they’ve set up a lighting rig, hired a hand model, and taken 16 photographs from different angles to share on their #foodporn Insta… Unless, of course, that friend is you.

Well we’re here to help, dear Instagram obsessed readers! Here are our top five Instagrammable Melbourne cafes you need to visit in order to achieve your #instaonfleek goals – and it doesn’t even include the over-Instagrammed Top Paddock or Kettle Black...

And for those friends who ruin our flatlays by eating a sneaky pre-photo bite, we say: Stop. Stop now.

Mörk Chocolate Brew House

North Melbourne

Couture hot chocolate is on the rise, and this little café tucked into an awkward space in North Melbourne is probably doing it the best right now. The campfire hot chocolate at Mörk Chocolate Brew House comes with wood smoke contained in a glass, which you pour thick, delectable hot chocolate over, before dipping your marshmallow in. The perfect visual drama for your next insta-post. Order the: Campfire hot chocolate

5 Lire

North Melbourne

Also in North Melbourne, 5 Lire is a cute café with a sunny outlook that delivers hearty breakfasts for the insta-inclined. Personally, I’d recommend the hotcakes: Covered in hazelnut and nutella, they’re topped with a towering layer of photo-worthy floss. You may need a friend to finish this rich dish, however… Order the: Buttermilk hotcakes with fairy floss

Muharam Café


Muharam Cafe was one of the first Melbourne cafes to create the freakshake insta-fuss, delivering a different flavour each week, stacked with an ungodly amount of whipped cream, chocolate and lollies that truly deserves the #foodporn tag. If freakshakes aren’t your thing, go for the Red Velvet pancakes: That is, if pink is in your insta-theme right now. Order the: Daily freakshake or Red Velvet pancakes

Ascot Food Store

Moonee Ponds

Two words… Injectable. Donuts. This little café out in Moonee Ponds changes the flavours each day, but the idea remains the same: Donuts that you inject with cream or sauce filled syringes, that induce you promptly into a sugar coma. The Ascot Food Store benchtop is super photographable too! Order the: Injectable donuts

District Brewer


District Brewer in Bentleigh understand a thing or two about plate porn: There’s nothing worse for your Instagram picture than an ugly plate. Here, their stunning Bircher is topped with a creamy pink sorbet, and placed atop a pretty floral plate that will bring in those likes. After all, isn’t it all about the like-love? Order the: Black Forest Bircher

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Image credit: Ascot Food Store via Instagram

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