Cover Your Face Like A True Melburnian With Tram Seat Print Face Masks

By Rick Stephens
26th Aug 2020

A woman wearing a face mask with the same print as the seats on Melbourne's trams.

There are at least a few things us Melburnians are missing right now, like punching a tinnie in Edi gardens with a few mates, and being outside after 8pm. Some might even go as far to say they miss their morning commute—well, now, you can sprinkle a hint of normality back into your life with face coverings that depict Melbourne’s public transport seat prints.

Over at Melbmart, there are several styles to choose from, the first being the unmistakable print from Melbourne’s tram seats. You know, the one that looks like a computer from the 80s tried to recreate a Jackson Pollock piece. It’s all class.

The second is a homage to the form of public transport that most Melbournians have a difficult relationship with, the metro trains, and specifically the seats found within. It’s a design slightly more muted than that of the tram seats, yet iconic none the less—and now you can wear it around your face.

The face coverings come in the form of a roomy neck-wrap, meaning it’s a one size fits all situation. Each style usually goes for $18, but if you’re quick, you can nab one on sale for $15.

Order your Melbmart face-covering here.

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Image credit: Melbmart

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