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This Melbourne Company Has Just Release A Vegan Unicorn Body Scrub

By Ellen Seah
28th Nov 2018

Melbourne-based Unicorns & Co has released vegan-friendly, handmade unicorn body scrub, and it's about as magical as us Muggles are going to get.

Launched in October this year, scents include sparkling spearmint (our personal fave), gentle geranium, lavish lavender, lustrous lemon, outrageous orange, ravishing rose and robust rosemary.

If you missed out the last time Frank Body released their Shimmer Scrub (it reportedly had a 55,000-person waitlist), the team at Unicorns & Co have gone one better. Unicorns & Co scrubs leave a light shimmer on the skin that's 100% natural. The formula is sugar and oil-based, and uses a combination of Australian-sourced ingredients and pure essential oils.

Like all good ideas, Unicorns & Co was born over a dinner table of dumplings and wine. Debra Waters and Blythe Thompson were lamenting the lack of top quality scrubs they could both use.

“We wanted something natural that was suitable for both of our skin types and something that smelled amazing that didn’t leave odd residues or stain the skin,” Debra says. “It was months and months of trial and error to create a product we were both really happy with.”

The delicate shimmer comes from a natural mineral pigment called mica (thank you, nature). The mineral has reflective and refractive properties so when light hits the pigment, it appears to shimmer.

“Mica is pretty much available in every colour under the rainbow. We incorporated that because we wanted a really visually stunning product, as soon as you open the bag,” Debra says. “The product is also formulated so it will leave a tiny, tiny amount of mica on the skin after the sugars and salts have exfoliated and polished the skin, leaving a shimmer behind.”   

We have trialled the scrubs in the name of journalism and can confirm that each will leave behind a light sparkle appropriate for a half-decent Saturday night and very definitely necessary for your next day festival.

But it wasn’t all unicorns and rainbows for the creative duo. Between concocting hot pots filled with slightly different formulas and heat sealing pouches individually, Debra picked up a charcoal scrub on the market and decided to test it out.   

“I hopped in the shower and was rubbing it all over my body, then I went to rinse it off and it just didn’t come off. I was literally grey.”

The company is also planning to release some complimentary products to the unicorn scrub line, as well as expanding on scrub varieties early next year which includes a unicorn charcoal scrub. Yes, they’ve modified the formula so it won’t turn you grey. Unless you want to be, in which case you should probably get in contact with the team directly.

The Details

What: Unicorn Body Scrub
Where: Order at
How Much?: $19.95 per 300g pack
Scents: Spearmint, geranium, lavender, lemon, orange, rose or rosemary

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Image credit: Romina Farias

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