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The Urban List’s Readers Choice

By Jessica Hackett
20th Aug 2014

Our dear loyal readers, how we thank our lucky stars day-in-day-out for the existence of food, and YOU (well, mainly food, but you come in at a very close second!).

It is an absolute pleasure and privilege to be your trusted advisors when it comes to all things awesome, brilliant, amazing and hip-hoppin-n-boppin about our fine home of Melbourne. We try our absolute hardest to tirelessly bring you stories on all the things we think you'd love to know about but, believe it or not, we are only mere mortal humans like you (but just a few kilos heavier on account of all the hard-hitting 'research', aka eating…)!

Thus, we know in a city as extraordinary as Melbourne, there must be thousands of things you are still desperate to know about, and we want to know what they are!

From 'is there anywhere that sells a delectable homemade cheesy-mite scroll?', to 'where oh where can I get my hands on an authentic Mexican cow-tongue taco?!' – no request is too obscure!

We want you to help us shape The Urban List by telling us anything and everything you've ever wanted to know about our fine city!

Just tell us your ideas, get your friends to vote for them, and if enough people agree with your suggestion, you might just be responsible for the greatest article to hit The Urban List since our sliced bread round-up! Just click the button below to get started…


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