Watch: Cooking With Julie is the New Katering Show

By Bianca O'Neill - 01 Dec 2015


If you've been obsessed with The Katering Show for a while now, like we have, then you'll be ticking down the hours until we get a second season with a chardy in hand, and watching the thermomix episode on repeat.

Well, here's something to tide you over in the meantime: A hilarious new YouTube series in the vein of the Katering Klassic, called Cooking With Julie. From latent mother issues, to comparing making dipped strawberries to marital infidelity, Julie is the home cook that we all are... at home on a Friday night alone, red wine in hand. 

With quips like "use dark chocolate, because that's the colour of people's souls in real life", and "you've got sad Julie today - must be the wine", it's just the kind of YouTube show that makes you laugh, and then realise that you are Julie. And then wonder where your life choices took a wrong turn. And then laugh again because you don't really care. 

With a Masterchef cameo to boot. Perfect!

Image credit: YouTube

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