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We’re Getting A Huge Christmas Lights Show!

By Rachel Lay
7th Dec 2017

Christmas Lights, Melbourne

Christmas, we love you. If not for the gifts, the time spent with loved ones, or the copious amounts of food we consume and class as a “casual lunch”, it’s for the Christmas Lights. If you’ve never jumped in the car and headed out for a tour de Christmas lights, you’re either lying or just not much fun at parties.

This Christmas, though, the Christmas lights game has reached serious new heights with Victoria Harbour unleashing their epic (and huge!) Christmas Lights show. So cue up Elf, get the mulled wine heating up and chuck on your on most festive outfits, because it’s lights-viewing time, people!

Enter: Light House. Melbourne’s first real-time weather display. The state of the art light installation illuminates a 15-story building and reflects exactly how the weather is ~feeling~. How’s that for a modern (read: very Melbourne) take on Christmas lights?! It runs from dusk to midnight each night, for five minutes on the hour, every hour—so you really can’t miss it. How does it work? Essentially, a BOM weather station will feed real-time weather information to the light show, so what you’re seeing will be a visually stunning artistic representation of the weather around you. From midnight until dawn, the building will reflect the phases of the moon, too. Cool, huh?!

As well as the everyday display, come Christmas (24 November – 25 December), New Year’s Eve, and Chinese New Year (15- 21st February), there will be specially curated shows occurring for your visual pleasure. 

The Details

When: Daily, with curated shows running for Christmas (24 - 25 December), New Year’s Eve (31st December), and Chinese New Year (15 - 21 February) 
Where: the Light House is best viewed from Buluk Park, Docklands
For more info, click here

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Image credit: provided by Victoria Harbour

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