What the heck is scroll ice cream?

By Ellen Seah
14th Dec 2015


Melbourne probably has its fair share of ice cream per capita. From fruity gelato to icy popsicles, and decadent ice cream to vegan-friendly froyo, you might have thought this city was nearly done with creamy iced creations. Oh how wrong you are, my uninitiated friend. 

Cold plate ice cream, or scroll ice cream, is a dessert originally from Thailand - a country notorious for humid, sweaty weather (but we love you Thailand, we promise). For relief from the heat, street food vendors pour a custard-like combination of milk and cream onto a sub-zero cold plate to create an almost instantaneous, creamy pancake of ice cream. Yup, you read that right - this is what (childhood) dreams are made of.

The super duper good news? Melbourne’s first dedicated cold plate ice cream store has just opened its doors in Windsor, and boy are we happy to have headquarters around the corner.  

Bringing this strange and wonderful teppanyaki ice cream to Melbourne, Scroll Ice Cream uses the finest local milk and cream from Fitzroy’s St David Dairy. Flavour options include the Pav-Lover (a deconstructed pavlova with fresh strawberries) and the Nutter Butter Biscuit (a deadly chocolate combo of Tim Tams, Nutella and Peanut Butter).

The team at Scroll Ice Cream are going to be working their biceps overtime once Melburnians get wind of this magical trend. I sincerely hope they know what they’ve gotten themselves into...

Scroll Ice Cream is at 190 High Street, Windsor.  

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