What The Heck Is Mushroom Coffee?

By Ellen Seah
5th Apr 2016


Tourists may blankly stare at your local barista, ever so slightly wide-eyed, as he rattles off (patiently of course) the various types of “black coffee” available. But us Melburnians, we know the difference between your ristrettos and your espressos. You know what’s up with affogatos and frappuccinos. And even if you’re not 100% sure what a melange or galão entails, you’re eager to give it a go in the name of national (state?) pride.

Matcha Mylkbar opened in St Kilda last week, releasing what we can pretty safely declare is the first mushroom latte in the world: but what is it? Made with chaga mushroom, vanilla spiced almond mylk and a side of agave, it's (probably?) a taste sensation. 

However, Matcha Mylkbar isn’t the first outlet in Melbourne to introduce coffee with no trace of coffee involved—although their mushroom and beetroot lattes are definitely a delicious leap forward. Richmond’s favourite adorable clean-eating café, Serotonin Eatery, boasts a Golden Latte with organic house-made turmeric, ginger, cinnamon and a hit of black pepper. Meanwhile, Street Organics in Malvern has long been pumping out turmeric and ginger lattes with honey or agave—and of course, there are Matcha lattes popping up like weeds in spring.

With the boom in clean eating over the last few years (which we’re trying to stick to, but not really) cafes have readily adapted their coffee, diplomatically incorporating soy milk, coconut milk, and most recently, dirt-like almond milk which systematically destroys every other flavour in its path. Well, that's just our personal opinion anyway...

Our trusty Melbourne cafés and café owners have even tolerated customers demand extra hot weak decaf coconut milk lattes, aka, slightly off-tasting hot water. But they might have to be patient a little while longer: turns out these mushroom lattes aren’t half bad… Have you tried one?

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Image credit: Matcha Mylkbar via Instagram.

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