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The Best Places To Buy Art Online

By Rachel Lay
6th Feb 2017

Where to buy art online

Having art in your home is a true sign of adulthood. There’s a marked point in your life when your perception of ‘cool room décor’ shifts from band posters and polaroids, to strikingly beautiful art. The hardest part of this shift though, is knowing where to actually find said art. Don’t worry, though, we’ve rounded up a list of 4 places where you can buy art online.

That’s right folks, you can do this from bed!

#1 TWFineArt

TW Fine Art is a treasure trove of beautiful pieces. Their bricks and mortar store lies veiled behind vines in a laneway just off James Street, while their online store allows you to pick literally any kind of print your heart could possibly desire. Not only does TWFineArt stock limited run prints available from a whole range of categories (abstract, photography, minimal, and more) you can even choose to have your new piece framed, too. Actually getting around to framing your art can sit on your to-do list for months at a time, so save yourself the hassle and let these guys do the work for you—they are the professionals, after all! TWFineArt also offer an in-home service, where they’ll find the best pieces on offer to suit your space.

Check them out here.

#2 BlueThumb Art

Blue Thumb Art is a huge online collection of Australian artworks (they have an app, too). Scroll through thousands of beautiful pieces organised neatly in categories such as price—under $250 is a goodie!— Aboriginal, Impressionism, and more. Bluethumb is your go-to if you want art for your home, and you want it fast. Just don’t spend too long browsing— seriously, it’s addictive!

Check them out here.

#3 Art Pharmacy

Art Pharmacy is run by Emilya Colliver, who cut her teeth at The British Museum and has worked alongside acclaimed gallery owner and curator, James Birch—so you can rest assured she knows a thing or two about art. The premise of Art Pharmacy is that literally anyone can become an art collector, which we love. The majority of the pieces can be yours for less than $100, too!

Check them out here.

#4 State Of The Art Gallery

State Of The Art is actually South African in nature, but supports up and coming Aussie artists with some serious gusto. The website works by curating pieces from graduate artists and then simply sharing them with the art-hungry public. Search by portraits, photography, abstract and more. We think you’re going to love this website. 

Check them out here.

#5 Mondo Art Gallery 

Want to know where the big galleries find good local artists? They start out in places like Mondo. This is the country's only online art retailer that specialises in original, large-scale local artworks. The one's over a metre in size. We're talking living room statement pieces from artists like Joe Scerri, Kim Percy and Tanja Milbourne. They also do framing and leasing. Nice one. 

Love art? Here’s how to buy art you won’t hate in 6 months.

Be sure to check out Art Money, too, if you’re all about injecting a little more art into your life, but don’t know how to do that financially just yet. 

Image credit: TWFineArt

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