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Where You Should Travel In America, Based On Your Personality

By Marina Nazario
10th Jul 2018


Obviously, you’re allowed to be picky when you travel. You’re the one paying fat stacks to fly across the world (no thanks to ‘straya’s isolated location) to spend your well-deserved PTO in a place that’s perfect for you.

So how are you supposed to know which country, let alone which city, will float your boat? That's where our travel expertise comes in. The world is a pretty big place, so we narrowed it down to where you should travel in America, based on your personality. Yeah, science! Tab open Google flights and start booking.

Party Animal | Miami

Buy a one-way ticket to Miami and never look back. If you love to let loose, sip mojitos on the beach and break it down in the clurb til 4 a.m., then the 305 is calling your name *cue Party Rock song*. Make sure to pack your most uncomfortable heels, a little black dress and your biggest hoop earrings (guys, take style tips from Pitbull). It’s gonna be a glamorous and ratchet experience that you’ll be telling people about for a very long time. Because, unlike Vegas, nothing stays in Miami.

Spiritual | Sedona

Love yoga and being one with nature? Get your zen on in Sedona, Arizona. This quirky, Southwest American town is all about free spirits, energizing crystals, yoga festivals, vegans, aura readings and healing vortexes. Hold up—what’s a vortex? Oh, you know, it’s just your casual cosmic force that emanates from the earth (think SciFi shit). Basically, it helps you find your yin and yang. You’re guaranteed to leave Sedona with your chakras aligned.

Thrill-Seeker/Outdoor Adventurer | Telluride 

So you like the great outdoors? That makes one of us. But if you’re searching for something a little bit different than your typical hikes and kayak rides, plan a trip to Telluride, Colorado. Head there in the summer do the Via Ferrata, where you’ll put your trust in a harness and cable as you scale a mountain (um, SOS). Or dare to visit during the winter and try your hand in ice climbing (brrrr), and hit the slopes of North America’s top ski destinations. And if you especially love heights, it’s the only place in America where you can get around via gondola ride. AND it’s free. Epic.

Foodie | San Fran

Zoom up to San Francisco and nom on some of the best food in the world. Seriously! Head to Fisherman's Wharf and eat your weight in sourdough bread. Order a ‘carne asada super burrito’ from Taqueria el Farolito at 2am with no regrets. Wait in line and snack on a cruffin (SF’s answer to NYC’s cronut) from Mr. Holmes Bakehouse. Or get drunk off Irish coffee from Buena Vista Cafe while stuffing your face with chocolate from Ghirardelli Square. Ah, San Fran really is our version of heaven.  

Sports Fan | NYC

We bet (we know) New York City is on your bucket list, and honestly, it’s perfect for any personality. But if you’re especially into sports, or even just like looking at buff dudes in tights, snag a ticket to a New York sports game. The best part? You’ll have options. New York is home to two football teams, two basketball teams, two baseball teams and two hockey teams. And New Yorkers take their sports VERY seriously. So grab a ticket to a game you probably won’t understand because the experience of sitting next to Fireman Ed, who’s been leading the famous J-E-T-S chant since 1986, is the most authentic NYC experience you’ll ever get.

Music Buff | Austin

Pack the guitar and fly on over to Austin, Texas. This city is known for its live music scene and puts on one hell of a show. (Seriously, its motto is ‘Keep Austin Weird’.) You’ll find music shops, daytime music patios, music museums and music tours. We’ll give you an insider tip to check out Banger’s Sausage House & Beer Garden. (You can thank us later). And we’ll also give you a heads up to tell your boss that you’re not available the first two weekends of October because Austin City Limits has a lineup that will make your jaw drop and FOMO is not an option.

Cheapskate | Philly

It’s always sunny in Philadelphia if you’re on a budget. It might not offer pretty beaches or outdoor adventures, but if your broke-ass wants a cheap vacay in America, it’s going to be in the land of cheesesteaks. Pay what you wish at an art museum, sift through Franklin flea market, check out the Liberty Bell, catch a show at Philly Improv or sample free beer at Philadelphia Brewing Company. We just gave you five things to do in Philly for under $10. Just remember, you get what you pay for.

Beach Bum/Lazy | Hawaii 

Hawaii. Because you’re so lazy that you can’t even make it to the continental United States. We get it. All you wanna do is sprawl out on a beach starfish style and fry all day without a worry in the world. And that’s totally acceptable in Hawaii. If you decide to lift a finger, try your hand at surfing or snorkelling. Hang loose and just chill the f*ck out on an unreal, Hawaiian beach. Here's some hikes if you're feeling active. 

PSA: if you can't get to America (we can't either), check out these awesome markets happening this month.

Image credit: Holly Mandarich

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