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Who Does The Best Brows in Melbourne?

By Iro Kotsimbos
1st Jul 2014

Urban Listers, have you ever wondered who does the best brows in Melbourne? We certainly have. In our office, we are freakishly obsessed with maintaining the two little (sometimes not-so-little) strips of hair above the eyes that are the key to framing the face. One wrong move, one too many hairs plucked or waxed and, BAM, game over – you're left with patchy, uneven, misshapen brows. Quelle horreur!

Hence our passion for finding Melbourne's best brows. We've looked far and wide, asked our dear friends, family and loyal Urban List readers, and subjected ourselves to plenty of eyebrow waxing, threading and sculpting in order to find Melbourne's brow baronesses.

Want to know who made the list? Read on Urban Listers…

Lash & Brow Boudoir


If you're looking for a brow bar that really goes the extra mile when it comes to making the most of your natural assets, Lash & Brow Boudoir in Richmond are one of our top picks. Their experts not only do one of the best brow jobs in Melbourne. they also repair damaged, over-plucked and patchy brows using natural-looking fibres and brow stains, and do incredible flase lashes too. In need of a full eye make-over? Get awesome Richmond beauty salon Lash & Brow Boudoir on the case...You won't regret it!


Various Locations

What's that saying about it all being in a name? At Waxed, they do one thing and they do it damn well – waxing! Sure, Waxed is home to some of the best Brazilian waxing in Melbourne, but did you know they're also responsible for some of the best brows in Melbourne, too? For years we've been visiting Waxed for perfectly waxed and shaped eyebrows, and now they're also offering 'perfect endings'! Before you completely freak out, the 'perfect endings' are for your brows (not that you were thinking any different, right?!). At no extra charge, Waxed will finish your brow wax appointment with an application of waterproof yet natural looking eyebrow shaping powder – perfect for when you need to head straight out afterwards!

Golden Ratio Brows at Miss Eyelash

Elwood and Mt Eliza

It comes as no surprise that the salon responsible for some of Melbourne's best eyelash extensions, Miss Eyelash, also specialises in perfecting the arches of women all over town! Golden Ratio Brows, the specialist eyebrow division exclusive to Miss Eyelash, is quickly gaining a cult following and after visiting ourselves, we can see why! We walked in with patchy, uneven brows, and walked out with sleek, face-framing arches – eyebrow perfection! Miss Eyelash also stocks a great range of eyebrow pencils and gels that are perfect for maintaining the look once you get home. Forget to stock up while there? Not to worry – Miss Eyelash now has an online store!



Oh Maxitan, how we love you so! Not only do you provide one of the absolute best spray tans in Melbourne, you also wax and shape our brows like no other! Anastasia, the genius behind Maxitan in Prahran, has a 'natural is better' approach to eyebrow shaping (and beauty in general) - THANK GOD we say...after all, there's nothing worse than eyebrows that are too thin or don't suit the face! There's no chance of that happening if you book in with Anastasia - her eyebrow shaping will keep you coming back again, and again...and again! Hmmm, suddenly Maxitan's cult following aaaall makes sense. For all enquiries and to book, call Anastasia on 0425 844 488.

Ella Bache


We won't lie, we're a little hesitant to share this next tip – yup, that's how good the therapist is. We know how keen you are to find out who does the best brows in Melbourne, though, so we guess it's only fair to spread the word – Hayley at Ella Bache Prahran does one heck of a good eyebrow wax! Hayley, and the whole team for that matter, totally understands how important the eyebrows are and spends the appointment time taking a little bit from here and a little bit from there until you're left with brilliant brows – it's amazing how much of a difference they make! Try for yourself and prepare to be hooked! 

Eyebrow Artistry Australia

South Yarra

Operating from a private room on Toorak Road in South Yarra, Eyebrow Artistry Australia is the baby of owner, operator and brow magician Sonia Petrevski. Sonia takes a truly personalised approach to each client's eyebrows using brow contouring and feather stroke brow tattooing to create natural looking, statement making brows. If you didn't realise the importance of eyebrows before, you definitely will after a consultation with Sonia. A true eyebrow artist indeed!

Benefit Browbar

Myer Melbourne, Myer Chadstone and Myer Highpoint

Considering how much we love Benefit's amazing eyebrow products (the Gimme Brow fibre gel will change your life!), it's a given that we're equally as enamoured with the Benefit Browbar. Your one-stop-brow-shop, the Benefit Browbar is the busy gal's answer to perfect eyebrows – simply drop into one of the bars at Myer Melbourne, Chadstone or Highpoint (no appointment necessary) for affordable, salon-quality eyebrow shaping and tinting. In and out with no fuss, just great brows!

Simply Brows and Lashes

Camberwell and South Yarra

When we asked our friends, family and loyal Urban List followers for suggestions on who does the best brows in Melbourne, we were consistently told to try out Simply Brows and Lashes. So off we went and wowee, we're impressed! With two salons, one in Camberwell and another in South Yarra, Simply Brows and Lashes offer a variety of eyebrow threading, waxing and tinting services (plus a Brow Rescue package if you've gone a little too far) to ensure that each and every client that walks in the door walks out with amazing brows. We booked in with Kavita at the Camberwell salon who is INCREDIBLE, however we hear that Mauli (pronounced Molly) at South Yarra is just as good.

Amy Jean Eye Couture

Melbourne CBD

When Amy Jean Eye Couture opened in Melbourne, we were a little bit excited – okay, we were ridiculously excited! But can you blame us? The salon responsible for the best brows in Sydney had finally opened in Melbourne! Now you too can visit Amy Jean Eye Couture for what can only be described as the most deluxe eyebrow experience in Melbourne – everything from brow sculpting and tinting to brow tattoos, in a luxe salon befitting of the city's most glamorous women. Ask for Kim, she's absolutely brow-liant! 

The Eyebrow Queen 

South Yarra

What started as an innocent Saturday brekkie turned into me eavesdropping on the next table as they talked brows – again and again, Carmen at The Eyebrow Queen was mentioned as, well, Melbourne's Eyebrow Queen. These gals weren't fibbing… after visiting ourselves, we can confirm that The Eyebrow Queen is up there with Melbourne's best brow shapers. Carmen has an eye for detail like no other, part of the reason why she's built up such a loyal clientele over the years and also why we'll be going back for more!

Miss Chic Beauty


Heading home from work one day, I looked in the rear-view mirror and almost had a heart attack – my brows were FOUL. Before I could cause another near-accident, I pulled over and headed straight into the closest salon, praying that I wouldn't walk out with brows that were even worse than before. The salon happened to be Miss Chic Beauty and the results were faaaaar from bad; in fact they were awesome – so good that we just had to include Miss Chic, and namely Makayla, as the creator of some of the best brows in Melbourne. No stress and no fuss, in fact it was actually kinda relaxing. A must-try!

The Brow Bar

South Yarra

Our list of the best brows in Melbourne wouldn't be complete without The Brow Bar who specialise in, you guessed it, all things to do with bangin' brows. The Brow Bar team are famous for their Brow Lift-Shaping experience – a 45 minute consultation with your very own 'Arch Angel' involving a combination of waxing, tweezing, eyebrow alignment, customised brow colour AND light eye makeup. Phew! Need your brows shaped in a flash? The Brow Bar also offer the Petite-Express Brow service, which is our saviour when we're in a hurry.

So Urban Listers, who does your brows? Anyone we should add to our list of the best brows in Melbourne? Email us to let us know!

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