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5 Ways To Banish Those Winter Skin Blues

By Bianca O'Neill
9th Aug 2017


Winter is a nightmare for skin; from the kind of dryness that would rival the sands of the Sahara, to congestion and redness as a result from the dreaded flu, sometimes it’s hard to get on top of all the issues.

So we’ve put together five essential tips to drown out those winter skin blues and get back on top of your complexion game.

#1 See A Professional

A facial is one of the best ways to begin your journey back to better skin health. How can anyone top a beauty professional? Not only will they help you to identify your weak spots, they’ll tailor a treatment specifically for your skin type so you can get back to ground zero.

We Recommend

#2 Upkeep With An At Home Mask

Once you’re on the road to winter skin recovery, finding the right at-home face mask can ensure you upkeep that post-salon feeling. Choose a moisturising brightening mask, rather than something that is focussed on clearing blemishes (as these can be extra drying).

We recommend 

  • Kiehls calendula and aloe soothing hydration masque, $67
  • Sephora Collection rose ultra moisturising and brightening mask, $6.

#3 Add A Serum To Your Routine

A moisture-surge serum acts as a revitaliser for dehydrated skin. Unlike a standard moisturiser, the right serum can provide a more intensive treatment, leaving skin supple and smooth. Winter skin be gone!

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#4  Work It While You Sleep

If you have a busy schedule and can’t even consider the time it takes to wait for a mask to work, try one of the many while-you-sleep treatments on the market. From luxurious, ultra-moisturising night creams that work overnight, to masks that won’t mess up your pillowcase, this is the time-poor woman’s skin-saver.

We recommend

  • Clinique moisture surge overnight mask, $55
  • Ella Bache eternal + regenerating night cream, $145.

#5 DIY For Less

If time isn’t a problem, but spending a cheeky hundy is, then DIY face masks are your winter skin solution this cold season. There are a bunch of different options on the market, but look for something with known natural moisturiser-boosters, like avocado, or anti-inflammatory properties, like honey.

We recommend

  • A simple mix of avocado and olive oil will help fight dryness, while a mix of oats, egg yolk and honey will leave wind-beaten skin soft and revitalised.

Image credit: Isabell Winter

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