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Yo-Chi Leads the Froyo Revolution in Melbourne

By Jessica Hackett
9th Jan 2014

It's always bittersweet when the Southside has to share one of its homegrown treasures with the north. Sweet because it shows them northerners what kind of awesome lies south of the river; bitter because we can no longer hold the exclusive claim to said treasure.

The latest south-grown hero to expand its wings to the north is fabulous purveyor of frozen yoghurt, Yo-Chi.

Last month Yo-Chi officially became multi-siders, opening up shop on Faraday Street in Carlton. Whilst southsiders who have been there since Yo-Chi's beginnings have relished in their claim of housing 'Melbourne's best frozen yoghurt', northsiders now have some requite with the second store also offering an extensive menu of fine froyo – including 12 delicious yoghurt options rotating at any one time.

Making an appearance at the Carlton yogurt station will be fan favourites including Chocolate, Mixed Berry and Signature Tart, with some newbies like Coffee, Licorice, and Classic Vanilla. Vegan-friendly choices to cater for all you northside hipsters will also feature amongst the lineup, with Coconut (made from pure fermented coconut milk), and Banana Soybean (naturally sweetened with organic agave nectar) at the self-serve bar.

Since opening its doors on Carlisle Street in Balaclava just over 12 months ago, Yo-Chi has fast become a beachside institution. With lines weaving out the door and down the street on any given night, Yo-Chi has well and truly set the standard in Melbourne for self-serve frozen yoghurt.

In a town with more self-serve frozen yoghurt shops popping up than there are moles popping up in a game of Whack-a-mole, Yo-Chi is able to stand out from the rest due to their commitment to quality and fresh produce. Yo-Chi uses all natural, low fat, organic and locally sourced produce. And it certainly doesn't hurt that there are more fresh and mouth-watering toppings than you'll find at any other froyo spot.

Yo-Chi Carlton is located at 194 Faraday Street and is now open 7 days a week from 11am till late.  So, northsiders, chuck on your ripped jeans, jump on your fixie, and head on down.

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