You Can Now Get UberX From The Airport

By James Shackell
15th Aug 2017


About bloody time right? No longer will you have to shell out $1m for a taxi, or catch the CBD Skybus like a chump. Now you can get an UberX right from Melbourne Airport. 

It’s all thanks to Parliament (we’ve been waiting to use that sentence for years), who last week passed a Bill that gives Uber access to areas that were previously off-limits. Like Melbourne airport. Finally, some politicians that are earning their keep.

Here’s how it’s gonna work. There will be designated ‘wait zones’ within the airport complex and in the T4 transport hub. From there, and only there, will you be able to hail an UberX. Coincidentally, taxi drivers also pick people up from T4, so chances are good you’ll also see some irate street theatre.

Brinner Fest, free smashed av’ for renters…this week has been very good to us. 

Image credit: Catch Me If You Can

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