12 Of Our Favourite Broccoli Dishes In Perth

By Anna Franklyn
9th Mar 2016

Broccoli Dishes In Perth

Image credit: Strange Company

In case you didn’t notice guys, broccoli is having a moment. I’ve always been a fan of the green stuff (#perfectchild) so I’m glad the rest of Perth is finally on board.

Yes, you used to try and feed it to the dog under the dinner table while your mum wasn’t watching, but now you realise it’s crunchy and delish and you want it for every meal, dontchya?!

Lucky for you, we have been on a broccoli tasting rampage around Perth. So without further ado, let me present 12 of our favourite broccoli dishes in Perth.

Chopped Broccoli Salad | Petition Kitchen


The chopped broccoli salad with puffed grains, walnut and sheep’s feta is broccoli like you’ve never eaten it before. Crunchy green goodness topped with salty crumbed feta and nutty grains, this will be the highlight of your meal at Petition, no questions asked.

Orrechiette | Il Lido


There is no-one who doesn’t love the orrechiette with sausage, broccoli, chilli and parmesan at Il Lido. It is basically cheesy happiness on a plate and it should be compulsory to order every time you walk in those doors.

Raw Broccoli Pizza | The Raw Kitchen


The raw broccoli pizza at The Raw Kitchen in Freo is the bomb! It’s like all of the health foods came together and had a delicious health food baby, all for your enjoyment. Even if you’re not sure about the #rawfoodmovement, you’ll lurveee this pizza.

Pork Belly And Chinese Broccoli | Long Chim


Long Chim just took Chinese broccoli to a whole new level. How? By pairing it with pork belly. Yeah they did!

Broccoli Fritters | Strange Company


Broccoli is insanely healthy so when you deep fry it everything is cancelled out and you can eat as much as you want, right? I sure hope so because its impossible to stop at just one of the delish broccoli fritters at Strange Company.

Green Veg Bowl | Hylin

West Leederville

Breakfast broccoli might seem a bit weird but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. The Green Veg Bowl at Hylin mixes delish blanched broccolini with halloumi and poached egg and just writing this is making me drool.

Rubbed Broccoli | Old Faithful Bar & BBQ


I don’t know what they do to the broccoli at Old Faithful but I do know it’s freaking awesome. And let’s face it, it’s never going to hurt to have some greens next to all that meat.

Green Juice | May Street Larder

East Fremantle

Another one you might not have expected, May Street Larder do broccoli in a drink? Alongside cucumber, celery, ginger, kale, lemon and parsley, this is the definition of health. Perhaps not for those of you new to the cold-pressed juice scene, but a sure-fire winner if you’re a vegetable juice drinking pro.

Green Brekky Bowl | Little Bird Cafe


See, I told you breakfast broccoli was a real thing. This bowl takes green to a new level, they even make a green hollandiaise sauce. Hearty enough for when you need some comfort food, but green enough to make your insides love you, this is a winner.

Broccoli | Habitue

North Fremantle

Don’t let the name of this one fool you, Habitue just changed the broccoli game. All these years we’ve been eating broccoli and we’ve been eating avocado, but we haven’t been eating them together. It’s life changing! Add tahini yoghurt and sesame and you've got a match made in heaven.

Saffron Papardelle | Cecchis


Good pappardelle is always a winner, but when it’s coming from Inglewood champions Cecchi’s and its got saffron, broccolini and pecorino involved, you know its going to be amazing.

Steamed Broccolini | Must Wine Bar


Yes I know this sounds boring…but everything that Must does is magical and this little side is topped with buerre noisette, the most magical of magic butters.

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