13 Of The Best Spots To Get Your Sashimi Fix In Perth

By Kirsty Petrides
24th Feb 2017

Sashimi.  It’s one of those foods that divides people. You either love it, enjoy its deliciousness and fully appreciate the effort that goes in to making it; or you hate it, think it smells funny and generally respond to it with ‘eww, raw fish, gross’.

If you fall in to the ‘eww gross’ category, we have two things to say to you. 1. Grow up; and 2. You clearly haven’t tried good sashimi. So to help you develop an appreciation for this amazing Japanese delicacy, here are 13 of the best spots to get sashimi in Perth.



Obvs. Do we need to explain why Nobu is top of the list? Probably not, but here goes—if you’re apprehensively getting ready to try sashimi for the first time, an excellent place to start would be the world’s most recognised Japanese restaurant. Nobu’s highly skilled, knife-wielding chefs turn sashimi preparation into a work of art. We highly recommend the yellowtail sashimi with jalapenos for a something a little different.



If you’re a) a sashimi fan; and b) really organised, get yourself a booking at Marumo. It will be hard, and you might have to wait a few months to get in, but oh my god it will be worth it. Marumo only offers a seven-course omakase (chef’s selection) set menu—and the sashimi part of that menu is well and truly some of the best you’ll ever eat.

James Parker Sushi & Sake


If you're after a little sake with your sashimi, James Parker is the place to go. These guys will whip up one of the prettiest sashimi platters you'll ever see, and it's pretty reasonably priced to boot.

Is Donburi


This little hole in the wall joint on William Street will make all your Japanese dreams come true. Is Donburi does all types of authentic food, but we recommend the sashimi and chilli don—fresh salmon, king fish tuna and squid, served with rice and sesame chilli sauce.

The Shipping Lane


You might think it’s strange for this beachside cafe/restaurant to be serving sashimi, but really, it actually makes perfect sense. Using fresh Freo produce from their local area, the team at The Shipping Lane prepare expertly made sashimi dishes that you enjoy overlooking the glorious ocean where that fish was probably caught. Get around it.



While Aisuru specialises in sushi, they do also offer some incredible sashimi dishes. The salmon and avocado sashimi salad with fresh cabbage and Japanese mayonnaise is a winner, or if you’re ready to get stuck right into it, you can just get their standard salmon or tuna sashimi served with just wasabi. Hardcore.

Zen Japanese Restaurant


The team at Zen serve up truly traditional Japanese. In fact, if you’ve been to Japan, they’ll tell you right away that what they serve you will be on par with the authentic Japanese you ate over there. Big call to make! But once you take a look at their food, you’ll believe them. Plus, they serve sashimi in a boat—and everything is more fun in a boat, right?

Sushia Izakaya


This beautiful city restaurant combines fine food and boutique Japanese beer and sake—result. Plus, they have an open kitchen where you can witness the theatre of Japanese cooking. So really, it’s dinner AND a show. Sushia’s chef’s prepare all their dishes with fresh local produce, and offer a variety of different sashimi dishes including tuna, salmon, yellowtail kingfish, snapper and scallop.



If you’re down to treat yourself Japanese-style, you should head for Ha-Lu. The tartar style salmon sashimi is a Japanese-fusion delight, involving diced salmon sashimi served with quinoa, nori sauce and a hint of yuzu citrus.



Edosei is touted as being Perth’s most authentic Japanese restaurant, so it’s a good place to get your sashimi on. They serve up mouth-watering authentic Japanese, and our hot tip (or cold tip, rather) is to order their Five Kinds of Sashimi dish. You won’t regret it.

Kuza Urban Japanese Kitchen

Victoria Park

This rad spot in Victoria Park has so many delicious sashimi options, you’ll need to visit more than once. Yellowtail sashimi with ponzu black sesame dressing and black tobiko; salmon sashimi with truffle ponzu vinaigrette; scallop sashimi with beet salad. The options at Kuza are endless.

Nine Fine Food


The team at Nine Fine Food have won more awards than you can poke a samurai sword at. They offer various different set menu options of Japanese cuisine with a modern Australian twist. Part of these set menus is the most amazing sashimi ever (fact)—fresh Tasmanian salmon sashimi with Tobico caviar, Yuzu mascarpone, wasabi cream and Konbu salt.

Silver Sushi


This little Japanese spot in Fremantle will give you an authentic taste of Japan right here in Perth. The chefs at Silver Sushi expertly create tuna and salmon sashimi that will make you a convert for life.

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James Parker | Image credit: Nancy Hanna

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