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13 Reasons Heading To The Cricket Is More Fun Than The Beach

By Daniel Colasimone
4th Jan 2016

The Australian summer has a few constants. It’s hot. People get sunburnt. The smell of BBQs. And the cricket is on. It’s fun watching cricket on the telly, but it’s even more fun to go and watch it live. When you’re at the game, there’s so much more going on than just, well … cricket. Here are 13 reasons heading to a one-day international this summer tops just about everything.

  1. Crowd catches: The chance to become a legend among your friends, OR spend the next 15 years making excuses about how you lost the ball in the lights and a bug flew into your eye.
  2. Where else do you get to scream at people (LYON, YOU ABSOLUTE BEAST) when they do something good? I know from experience it’s frowned upon at the theatre, at work and on the bus.
  3. One-day cricket only lasts for one day. Actually, much less than an entire day. It’s the perfect amount of time to watch cricket, unlike Test matches which last longer than most of Britney Spears’ marriages.
  4. We’re the world-bloody-champions! It’s fun to watch the Socceroos, or the Boomers or the Wallabies (so close!), but when you go to see the Australian cricket team play, you know you’re watching the best of the best.
  5. A game of cricket is the perfect opportunity to catch up with ALL your friends at once. Excuses about having to go to a nephew’s birthday party or paint the deck or study get thrown out the window when there’s a one-dayer on. Get the whole crew involved. Bring 10 of your mates. Heck, bring 20.
  6. You get to wear a silly hat. Traditional AB/Greg Chappell-style floppy wide brims, sombreros, terry towelling buckets, actual buckets, watermelons, Viking ears; for some reason all these forms of headwear are perfectly acceptable at the cricket.
  7. Are you 106 years old? Are you five years old? Are you a girl, a guy, a mongoose (note: don’t bring your mongoose to the stadium)? Doesn’t matter, the cricket is enjoyable for everyone. It’s literally FUN FOR EVERYONE.
  8. An excuse to buy the latest Australia shirt: The Aussie ODI kit is always pretty sweet, so once you’ve got a match ticket this summer it’s pretty much a given that you’ve got to buy the shirt as well.
  9. An excuse to wear a classic Australia shirt: There have been so many good ones since Kerry Packer’s pyjama party started back in the ‘70s. If you’ve still got one in your wardrobe that you pull out for special occasions, it reveals a lot about your vintage.
  10. Cricket is so much better than baseball. Think of all those Hollywood movies that glamorise baseball, yet they are working with a far inferior product. Matt Damon PLEASE MAKE A MOVIE ABOUT WARNIE’S LIFE.
  11. It’s like going to a pub or club with thousands more people than your local. A change of scene is good. Instead of going to the usual places, why not head somewhere you can still have a few drinks in a festive atmosphere, just on a massive scale? There’s even cricket to watch.
  12. Halloween has already been and gone but do you know another time you can dress up in ridiculous costumes? At a one-day international cricket match, that’s where!
  13. A chance to wear zinc. Don’t deny it, you love putting on the war paint; the smell of it, the way it gets all over your clothes, the way it mixes with your sweat and makes you look like some kind of lunatic clown-zombie. Ah, zinc.

Image credit: Cricket Australia

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