17 Of Our Fave Perth Hole In The Wall Coffee Spots

By Anna Franklyn
3rd Apr 2016

Perth’s small bar scene took off a few years ago and we’re not at all surprised that the small coffee scene is on the rise, too. No, not actual small coffees. We’re talking hole in the wall coffee shops, the sort of places where the barista looks like they must have performed a magic trick to get inside.

These teensy tiny coffee shops are popping up left, right and centre and if these places are anything to go by, small coffee shops equal bloody good coffee.

Here are 17 of our fave Perth hole in the wall coffee spots.

Cleaver Street Coffee Shop

West Perth

Two clever guys convinced the folks at the Cleaver Street Deli to let them serve coffee next door and thank god they did! These coffees are delish and word on the street is that the almond milk coffees are amaze! They also somehow manage to dish out bagels, soup and some pretty epic cakes from this tiny kitchen, onya boys.

BOO Espresso

North Perth

If you’ve got a pooch this is the hole in the wall coffee spot for you. BOO Espresso serves up puppycinos for your four-legged friend as well great coffee and a few treats, like Nutella bomboloni from the same great mind who brought us doughnut cones, Lena Lu Creations.

Ristretto Walkup Coffee Wall


The crew at Ristretto know good coffee with three CBD locations, so we were pretty dang pleased when they opened up their walkup coffee wall in Northbridge. Thanks guys.

Lil' Toastface


In the spot that used to be Bookend, Lil' Toastface is probably the tiniest of all the tiny coffee spots in Perth. While they might be famous for the delicious toasties, their coffee hits the spots every time. 

Standby Espresso

Mount Lawley

If you’re a fan of Engine Room Espresso, then you’re in luck because the same two coffee experts behind that beloved North Perth cafe have opened a tiny hole in the wall coffee spot in Mount Lawley. They bottle some tasty cold brew and also sell delish bircher muesli if you need breakfast on the run.

Standing Room Only


If the name doesn’t give this one away I don’t know what to tell you. Tucked down Piccadilly Arcade in the Perth CBD, even if this isn’t on your usual route it’s well worth the detour. Friendly service and epic coffee. 

Blink Coffee Bar


Blink and you’ll miss it. Literally. Small as it might be, Blink might just have the friendliest staff in the whole of Perth, and some pretty good coffee too.

Cafe Vinyl


Cafe Vinyl have been dishing out great coffee from their little hole in the wall for years and they’re still doing it perfectly. They also do some killer sandwiches if you need lunch on the run.

Kakulas Brothers


Ok you got me, it’s true that these guys run out of the giant space that is Kakulas Brothers in Northbridge, but they have a little hole in the wall where you can get coffee. Its cheap as chips and its pretty dang good to boot.

Howdy Coffee


Howdy Coffee serves up some seriously good (and strong) brew. The sheriff will serve you up a gigantic vente through their golden window, and they do some seriously good noms for lunch! Grab a cinnamon bagel with maple bacon and cream cheese to go if you’re feeling peckish.

Livingstone's Urban Jungle


This is a little slice of coffee heaven for anyone who catches the train to the city and then heads Northbridge way like us! The career baristas here whip up a great cup of joe in no time at all and if you head there later in the day you can get ice cream—not that there would be any judgement here if you got ice cream for breakfast.

The Toastery


The Toastery is the perfect pitstop for toasties, milkshakes and of course coffee. Located in the heart of Subi on Hay street, this little gem has all of the American diner vibes. They serve all sorts of toasties, from the simple grilled cheese to what they call their ‘Seven Samurai’—miso buttered corn, roast chicken, triple cheese blend and Sriracha mayo. If you weren’t hungry before, you will be now.

Ghetto Blasters


Blink and you’ll miss this grungy hole in the wall 10 strides down from Bread in Common. Located in one of our favourite foodie hubs in Fremantle, this place makes Harry Potter’s bedroom under the stairs look spacious. But really, how much room do you need to make a great coffee to go? Not much if Ghetto Blasters is anything to go by.

The Little Resident


Tacked onto the front of Nedlands bar, The Resident, The Little Resident serves some of the best coffee in Perth from morning until late at night—so when that 3pm slump arrives, you know where to go! Dishing out brekky, brunch and take away items like sandwiches, salads and poke bowls, the menu features plenty of organic, vegan and vegetarian fare and fresh juices from Michaels Brothers.


East Fremantle

Plymptons popped up on Hubble Street in East Freo and we are super excited about it! Think croissants, muffins, and of course, epic coffee!

So They Say


Tucked away in the new MANY 2.0 site on Adelaide Street in Freo is So They Say. Even though MANY may not be opened don't be fooled, the team at So They Say will be ready to satisfy all your food and beverage needs.

His Lid


The team behind one of our fave barbers in Perth has gone and opened one of the cutest coffee windows in town. Lid Cafe is operating out of His Lid in Subiaco and they are serving up some mighty fine coffee. Grab a stool outside on the pavement or get your coffee to go.

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Howdy Coffee | Image credit: Nancy Hanna

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